So Much for Somerville Being Known as “Tree City USA”

By William Tauro

So much for Somerville being known as “tree city USA” they have close to a dozen trees on Powderhouse Boulevard alone labeled unsafe all lined up in the row to be cut down. Why all of a sudden?

All trees on the blvd starting at the church on Powderhouse blvd at the corner of Curtis and heading down towards Packard Avenue. All the trees have signage on them. And they say they are starting today to cut them down. At least five trees on one side so far. There may be more on the other side of the street coming down as well.

There are also more trees being cut down in bulk in a different areas of the city at the same time between Avon and Summer Streets next to where Elfland used to be located.

Many are wondering if these trees were approved for cutting down by the City of Somerville?
This was the same stunt that they pulled when the city took over the old Cobble Hill Convenient Store parking lotThey cut down all the trees adjoining the Cobble Hill Apartment Complex saying that they were diseased all of a sudden.

I was at a public meeting at Cobble Hill Apartments one day recently when the neighbors of Cobble Hill were protesting the city’s plan when they decided on taking the property. I was sitting at a table when I overheard a Somerville senior, a resident of that complex ask Councilor Strezo “Why are you cutting down all these beautiful trees?” Councilor Strezo’s answer to her question was by saying to her “They may be diseased or contaminated.” Really? That’s how it begins with a lame excuse like that now they are doing it throughout the city when and wherever they want!

Maybe the administration up at city hall and our city councilors forgot when the Arbor Day Foundation Recognized Somerville As “Tree City USA” and further stating that Somerville achieved Tree City USA recognition for its commitment to effective urban forest management just a few years ago? They tend to forget very quickly!

The Arbor Day Foundation has named Somerville a 2021 Tree City USA. (Shutterstock)
SOMERVILLE, MA — The Arbor Day Foundation, the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees, has named Somerville a 2021 Tree City USA in honor of the city’s commitment to effective urban forest management.

2 thoughts on “So Much for Somerville Being Known as “Tree City USA””

  1. Maybe they are making way for another bike lane there sections in that area that it merges with the traffic.


  2. Councilor Strezo’s comment “maybe the trees are diseased or contaminated,” is preposterous…”MAYBE” is a lame, incompetent answer to this massive assault, now on trees. Where is the Certificate, for us to see, by a professional, licensed Arbitor, or maybe more than one Arbitor, determination these trees are diseased, especially since this abrupt removal of trees is being done on such a large scale.

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