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RE:Somerville Community Safety Meeting

A great time at the community safety meeting. Unfortunately. The current administration does not understand that until the police department can form a connection with the youth. There will never be peace in the streets of Our once great city.

This has been the one major problem for thirty years, since mayor joe took office…. And also 95% Of the residents that showed eirher have either no criminal record, Have never caused crimes, Never done drugs, Or have never been to jail!!! So how can they possibly ever come up with a plan to make the city better when they have never gone through any of the struggles that our city has been suffering from? We need new leadership somebody who has been there and can actually relate to what the people are going through especially when they are at their lowest.. We do not need a bunch of politicians Or residents who have no experience with any of these struggles? Trying trying to find ways to solve them. When they have never gone through any of this in their life nor their families…… And that is the one hundred percent honest truth..

Christopher Ter

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