Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Possess Class B) (Boston Warrant)Arrest

On March 20, 2023, I, Officer McAloney, was assigned to marked unit East-1. At approximately 5:03 AM, I was dispatched to 23 Cummings Street (La Quinta Hotel) for a report of a check-condition. Officer T. Lambert (East-4) and Officer Messaoudi, (Sector-East) responded as backup.

On scene, officers spoke with the reporting party, Mr. XXXX who stated that he had seen a black Dodge Charger with a Florida registration speeding through the hotel parking lot as well as revving the engine. XXXX stated that he did not want to get complaints from guests of the hotel, which is why he called the Somerville Police and requested that Officers remove the vehicle and operator from the parking lot. XXXX stated the vehicle was parked outback.

Officers searched the parking lot of La Quinta and found a black Dodge Charger, FL registration XXXX, with the engine running in the middle of the parking lot. The operator was slumped over the wheel. There was also a hammer and a long metal pipe in the center console area. Officer Messaoudi knocked on the window to get the operator’s attention. The operator woke up and appeared to be confused. The operator then reached his right hand in between the center console and the seat, and Officers asked him to show both hands, but he refused to comply.

The operator was asked several times to show his hands; he punched the driver’s side window and then rolled it down. It was at this time that Officer Messaoudi unlocked the driver’s side door and opened it. The operator continued to reach around the vehicle after officers asked him to step out. Officer Lambert unbuckled the operator and pulled him out.

Officer Messaoudi explained to ORTIZ that we were performing a community caretaking function to ensure he did not need medical attention and was not a under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The operator was identified as Mr. Robert ORTIZ. I radioed Somerville Police Control to check the status of ORTIZ’s driver’s license and found ORTIZ had an active driver’s license and an outstanding warrant out of Boston District Court (Docket # 2301CR000890).

I placed ORTIZ under arrest and requested a tow for FL registration XXXX, which was approved by Lieutenant Fusco, (Siera-8). ORTIZ was transported back to the station by prisoner transport unit 200, Officer Radochia, and booked by Lieutenant Shackelford.

During the inventory of the vehicle, I observed a white, rocky substance believed to be crack cocaine in a clear plastic bag inside the cup holder between the driver and passenger seats. The preliminary weight of the substance with packaging was 13.5 grams.

I transported the confiscated rocky substance back to the station, where it was photographed and entered into evidence.


Officer Keighla McAloney

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