This Week’s QUOTABLE QUOTES on Beacon Hill

By Bob Katzen

Excerpts from Gov. Maura Healey’s inaugural speech

“I thank Gov. Baker, who has led this commonwealth with a steady hand. He has governed with integrity and care—eager to study problems and work together on solutions. The example he set for eight years was in the best traditions of public service, and it now becomes his legacy. Gov. Baker, I thank you, and our state thanks you.”

“My grandparents met on the fishing docks in a Gloucester summer. She was in nursing school; he worked at the GE factory. Later, when I was to be born at a naval hospital in Maryland, they worried that I wasn’t starting my life on Massachusetts soil. So she dug up a little dirt from the woodlot, caught a plane, sneaked into the hospital room, and put the little bag under the delivery table.”

“Our state Constitution recognized our natural and essential rights and declared them to the world. The people of Massachusetts have always believed in protecting these rights, and dedicating them to a higher purpose. We were the first to guarantee that health care is universal, and twenty years ago now, that love is, too. It is in that spirit of common humanity that I stand before you today, representing another historic first.”

“The strength of Massachusetts is its families. And they sorely need our help. Our state has some of the highest childcare costs in the country. Our care workers don’t make a livable wage. So today, let us pledge to be the first state to solve the childcare crisis. Let’s finally pass legislation in line with Common Start to make sure every family pays what they can afford, and that care workers are paid what they deserve.”

“But I’m even more excited about tomorrow. Because tomorrow we get to work. We get to work in the greatest state, for the greatest people, at a moment when we can make the greatest difference—now and for a generation to come. So with great optimism and pride, I thank you all, and now let’s come together and get this done. God bless you, and God bless this commonwealth.”

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