Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: I do not wish to fight to stay in a city that now sucks big time

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I am done here. I am 100% into my move out of here now. We decided to rent an apartment outside of Somerville and sell our house. I am way overdue at doing this but it’s time while I still can.

I suspect this move to be temporary until we locate a house we like, As much as years ago we thought this was it, the last twenty years here have become more unbearable for us to stand this city any longer. What was a nice city has turned into a miserable place to live as our elected officials have been the reason for this deliberate assault on seniors and people with mobility problems plus doing anything they can to make this city intolerable to live in. All elected officials now are not working for the people of Somerville at all. Just doing what they want and not the slightest care of who it hurts. And to add more insult to injury you have Brad Rawson making mobility here into a hazardous war zone with so called improvements that are the opposite of an improvement. Over 70 years here helping many here and being involved behind the scenes. Had my own business here, two family house never rented the apartment. Helped small business people. Helped seniors. I still will help but it will be where I land. This city even makes helping people impossible. I am not a material person. My life and enjoyment has come from the help I give my family and others. I do not wish to fight to stay in a city that now sucks big time. I am done finally.

Arthur Moore

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