Letter from the Editor: NO TREE FOR YOU!

By William Tauro

This will be the first year in Somerville’s history without a Christmas tree at the City Hall Concourse! When will this madness end?

First they took away our Veteran’s Monuments, then our Memorial Day Parade, our parking spaces, then they’re trying to take away our cars and now they’ve taken away our City Hall Christmas Tree! What’s next?

Yes they will have holiday lights and Menorah Lighting events on the City Hall Concourse, but no Christmas Tree! Someone must’ve got offended and it’s feelings hurt?

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor: NO TREE FOR YOU!”

  1. I’m not religious, but even if I were I’m not sure I would want my tax dollars spent on religious displays. I’d much rather they spend the money actually helping people who need housing, addiction treatment, or mental health services. That actually seems more like the good kind of Christian.

  2. If they can’t put up a Christmas tree, they shouldn’t put up the menorah! Talk about discrimination!!

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