Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Somerville Bus Routes-The Next MBTA Board Meeting is Oct.27th

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

The Next MBTA Board Meeting is Oct.27th.
The rewrite of MBTA Bus Proposal will be submitted…because we stuck together and loudly let them know…the 88 & 89 buses will remain!
But…now we have to save the #89 bus to arrive & depart from Clarendon Hill Towers as it has been for decades!.

..just go to this Website and make your voices heard yet again! For some unfathomable reason, when it comes to Clarendon Hill Buses, unless we , over and over again,
inundate The MBTA with Strong Opposition, they are oblivious to public outcry. Save the #89 at Clarendon Hill Towers! Personally, I’m not grateful or thankful to the MBTA for reinstating the #88 and #89 buses, because they NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED in the first place!
Now they want Clarendon Hill Towers, Weston Manor and all the other bus riders to just get a “transfer” to connect to the #89 in Davis Sq. This is just plain stupidity…read about the #89 bus “transfer” facts in the Somerville/Medford Weekly News tomorrow on-line or Tuesday just pick up your paper delivery…

Karen Glover

Click on link below to read:

MBTA Board of Directors

The MBTA Board of Directors replaces the Fiscal & Management Control Board. It consists of seven members, including the Secretary of Transportation and one member with municipal government experience. The rest are appointed by the Governor, and they include a rider and resident of an environmental justice population, and a person recommended by the President of the AFL-CIO.

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