Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Larceny) Arrest

On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, at 1:35 PM while changing a flat tire on a disabled vehicle outside Saks Off 5th on Grand Union Blvd., I saw a Saks store employee/witness (XXXX) attempting to stop a male shoplifter who was running away from him with merchandise in his hands.

I ran after the male who was later identified as James WRIGHT and grabbed his arm. I asked WRIGHT to get on the ground and he did not comply. I took him down with an arm bar takedown, and handcuffed him. The store employee recovered the stolen merchandise (1) a sweatshirt, (1) a duffle bag, and (2) pairs of pants, a total value of ($603.40).

Additionally, WRIGHT had six Vichy skin care items and one men’s body spray. Officer Campers asked WRIGHT if he had a receipt for the items he was carrying; WRIGHT replied that the receipt had been emailed to him and he was unable to show a receipt. I informed WRIGHT that the items would be taken into evidence if he was unable to show a receipt and would only be released after showing a proof of purchase. WRIGHT replied “Oh, so you’re going to steal my shit,”

The store employee/witness reported that WRIGHT entered the store, selected clothing items, and walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay. I informed WRIGHT that he was under arrest for larceny under $1200 c.266 S30. WRIGHT started insulting the Officers on scene for arresting him, and stated to me “You feel good arresting a junky for shoplifting?”

WRIGHT was transported to the Somerville Police headquarters in unit 200, operated by Officer Taylor, and was booked by Lieutenant Holland. WRIGHT was advised that he was trespassed from Saks by XXXX (Assistant Store Manager).


Ofc. Samir Messaoudi #312
Somerville Police Dept.

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