Petition Signing at Highland Gardens – An Ongoing Great Success! If It Ain’t Broke, don’t fix it.”

On Tuesday, August 23, 2022
The Highland Gardens Tenant Association held a Petition-signing event in their community room. It’s still decorated with an eyecatching flamenco backdrop from theirJuly fun-filled Hawaiian Luau Extravaganza.

Donna,the President and all Officers presided over the event. Fortunately for the tenants, they thoroughly enjoy mixing business with pleasure. Therefore, all attendees were invited to partake of an extra special potluck luncheon, while a Karen Glover, Representative of the Bus Riders Take Action Committee informed the tenants of the bus situation particulars and answered lots of questions. The menu consisted of Donna’s yummy Cinnamon Bundt Cake and Teddy’s delicious Ham Pasta Bake…assorted drinks served.
Down to Business: An impressive number of tenants did eventually attend and waited in line to sign the petition; they also enjoyed their regular Tuesday get-together. Some petition signers who voiced their concerns are in the pictures: Bernice, Diane, Nancy, Jersey, Betty, Paula, Teddy and Robin. Jersey is very enthusiastic about making appropriate calls to officials on the calling list…we appreciate him as a valuable volunteer.
All the Petitioners voiced amazement that anyone could possibly conjure up such a preposterous proposal…but leave it to the MBTA because they did exactly that – conjured it up!

If It Ain’t Broke, don’t fix it.”

On Monday, August 8, 2022 The Highland Gardens tenant Association, Officers and members, conducted a round-table discussion. Also in attendance were invited key speakers. The agenda was two-fold: The MBTA Proposal and a list of Somerville’s current pressing issues as follows:
Donna Peyser, President
The MBTA Proposal is appalling. All of our tenants depend on these bus routes either regularly or a one time or another. Many, are unfortunately, disabled and frail. It’s ludicrous to even envision them using bicycles manufactured for the disabled. I heard the Mayor has mentioned the problem is solved because the disabled bicycles have three wheels…yay! Problem solved! Seriously, are people with hip problems, replacements, vascular issues—all sorts of troubles going to be able to ride bicycles? NO!
The list of the bus reroute issues is frought with problems…the more I analyze the sketchy particulars, it just keeps becoming more problematic! For instance, businesses on Highland Ave. will lose customers; many travel by bus…lots of events, everything, it seems, originates from Highland Ave.
Sandy, Treasurer
The MBTA and our City Hall are like little children. They don’t seem to comprehend the meaning of “hands off-leave it alone! We’ve had to become like scolding parents, chastising the MBTA to “Leave it alone, Don’t touch!…How many times do I have to tell you?” Just as with little children, The MBTA doesn’t appear to think the issue they created thru…ripe for pending disaster! Leave it alone – leave us alone!
​Donna, Pres.
For instance, Lisa’s Nails is participating in the petition signing process. When I’m there, customers frequent the shop…it’s conveniently located on 147C Highland Ave. by walking, if you live nearbye, and of course, traveling by bus. The MBTA seems determined to either inconvenience us or haphazardly put us in danger…now we actually fear for our lives…look at the (expletive) Orange Line…I think I’ll wait ‘till it’s up and running for a long, long time…don’t feel like being a Guinea Pig for the MBTA! No thank you!
Brian Doucette, Secretary
​Aside from the bus situation, one of my concerns is the constant plunking down of new buildings. What’s the real story with all this…i.e. …take Union Square…across the flower market are now two looming buildings – one looks like a skyscraper when approaching that area by car…a blight on the skyline…two eyesores…inappropriate compared to the quaint- looking surrounding row house type dwellings. Maybe we should be looking into this matter more closely? Who are these condo-crazy contractors and developers? I’m just so annoyed…everywhere we turn, it seems like “we’re being thrown under the bus”!

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