By Bob Katzen

A law that that would require the state to develop and implement a Women’s Rights History Trail Program took effect last week. The measure includes requiring the state to designate properties and sites that are historically and thematically associated with the struggle for women’s rights and women’s suffrage.

Another provision provides that the state promote education and awareness of the struggle for women’s rights in the state. A 13-member Women’s Rights History Trail Task Force would be formed to research, solicit public input and make recommendations for sites, properties and attractions to be included in the trail.

“Deeply honored my bill establishing a Women’s Rights History Trail has been signed into law,” said Sen. Joan Lovely (D-Salem), the sponsor of the bill. “Our nation and our commonwealth would not be what they are today were it not for the contributions of women. Despite their achievements, they have been lost to the annals of history. With this law, we can finally place them at the forefront.”

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