Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Mayor Stands Up Weston Manor Seniors

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Somerville, MA “Mayor” was was due to visit Weston Manor, 15 Weston Ave., Somerville, MA. She cancelled and left about half of the residents who planned to question her about the proposed Somerville Bus Service cuts disappointed and, frankly, disgusted with this apparent brush-off.
Perhaps the article in last week’s Somerville, Medford Weekly Newspaper featuring residents signing the Bus Petition and expressing their opinions caused the Mayor to have a last minute “conflict.”

Coincidently, Ashley Speliotis, Director of Council on Aging, was present with staff & volunteers giving out gift bags from the Mayor.
I never met Ashley before, and, offhandedly, remarked that perhaps the mayor cancelled knowing she’d be asked MBTA questions.
Ashley responded by exuding a patronizing laugh and said, “Oh No”…the Mayor is working sooo hard on the bus issue.”
First of all, last week at Clarendon Hill Towers, the Mayor stated there’s nothing she could do…it’s a state issue…that she wrote The MBTA a letter…if that’s the Mayor working hard…please keep signing the Petition ’cause this “Mayor” is in dire need of our help.
…just a side comment… here and there
often I’m personally presented with glib, patronizing, and dismissive rhetoric from people working with seniors. Fortunately for me being blessed with good health, the only difference between me and workers for seniors is my age.
I did take one of the Mayor’s gift bags… I was hoping to see a complimentarycheck for a year’s worth of Uber Rides which I’m gonna need if the MBTA bus proposal survives…dissapointing…a ham sandwich & chips…lol.

Karen Glover

To schedule to sign the petition please call Karen Glover (857) 251-5639

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