Letter from the Editor:Somerville Election Officials Still Scheming Now with the Next Election. Now Ditching the Trum Field Voting Location for the Armory

By William Tauro

We were just informed that they’re (Our idiotic City Councle) is considering changing the voting location to the Armory and that there will be no more voting at Trum Field location. What a disaster with parking and what a big inconvenience that will be especially be for the elderly.

And I’d say it’s only to pressure the mail in ballots scam. Nobody will want to go there, so they can still tamper with the election. They still haven’t said why our votes didn’t count on the website last election. What a bunch of sinister imbeciles Wmtauro that we have elected to ruin our city. The Mayor had the Police cruiser removed but let’s those idiots solicit with kids around about circumcisions. These people need more God. Disgusting. The Armory move especially sucks for the older folks around that way. The city wants the mail in ballots anyway to rig the election again so that’s probably why the move was made.

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