Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Utter False Check, Check Forgery, Receive Stolen Property)

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, I, Officer Jorge Morel, was working patrol during my assigned 8 AM to 4 PM shift in full uniform. In the West District cruiser #186. At approximately 12:07 PM, I was dispatched to 399 Highland AV Rockland Trust bank for a report of a party trying to cash a stolen check. Officer Ryan Sullivan Responded as a backup.

On arrival, I talked to the Bank manager, identified as XXXX. Mr. XXXX told me that his teller at the front of the bank, identified as XXXX notified him of a possible stolen check.

Mr. XXXX stated that a female identified as Brianna Neves arrived at the bank and attempted to cash a check for the sum of 5000$ dollars. The check was flagged as stolen on the Rockland Trust banking network, and he immediately notified Mr. XXXX.

Mr. XXXX told me the check was stolen from XXXX located at XXXX Providence Hwy Norwood, MA. The manager from the XXXX filed a police report the following day and notified Rockland Trust of the incident.

Mr. XXXX handed me the check. I observed that it was for the sum of 5000$ and pay of the order of “Brianna Neves” written in black ink. The back of the check that read “endorse here” was also signed.

Officer Sullivan and I spoke to Ms. Neves. She told us that an individual named XXXX gave her the check on June 24, 2022, in exchange for Ms. Neves to take photography pictures at an event this weekend. I asked Ms. Neves if she had a business card for Mr. XXXX, to which she replied that she talked to him on Facebook and he did not have any busnises information besides forming and managing events. I asked Ms. Neves why she received the money before providing her services, to which she replied that Mr. XXXX insisted on providing the check first.

Officer Sullivan contacted the XXXX and spoke to the manager XXXX. Mr. XXXX told Officer Sullivan that the business was robbed on June 23, 2022, and items were stolen; among those was a stack of pre-signed checks from Rockland Trust. Mr. XXXX did not remember writing a check for 5000 dollars or Brianna Neves.

The stolen check will be placed into evidence.

based on the facts presented at the moment, I placed Ms. Neves under arrest for;


Respectfully submitted;

Officer Jorge Morel

Badge #356

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