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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday to Johnny Caruso, Sharon McGrath, Jillian Gomes, Mattie Moe, Randy Leavitt, Ellie Carucci, Arthur Souza, Wilma MacElree, Carla Consolmagno-Hopkinson,

Lisa Whitney, Lori Covino Piracini, Pierre Belizaire, Karissa Anderson, Gary Leavitt, Michael Guimaraes, Patricia Vando Nutt, Christopher Marks, Kathryn Fruchtman, Denise Southworth, Mark Davidchick, Matthew Martino, Leo Dunn, Marie Miele, Gale Mahan, Joe Vendetti, Ray Perez, Gale Erb, John Camara, Sophia Carafotes, Remo Scarfo (Ray), Linda DiPerna (Sheppard), Maria Grabowski Cartolano, John McCloskey, Sue Bears Wagner, Jay Messina, Gambino Adam (Riesi), Mark Paige, Anthony Difonzo, Mike Mckay, Fred Ellsworth, George Allen, Bill Griffith, Michelle Coakley Keeley, Janet Mcisaac, Rich Marifiote, Joe Crowley, Marianna Torra, Agapi Lappas Voltezou, Cindy Mizen (Almas ), Theresa Ciampa Cessna, Henry L McNamara Jr., Lisa Chute, David B Joyner, Patti Kelley Lawhorne, Gary L Grosse, Joseph E. McCain, J.R. Roach, Jackie Rivera, Patricia Lynch Jennings, Ken Sprague, Sherri Raftery, Franny Kenney, Sharon Trani, Janene Donnelly, Stephanie Rochon Cogliano (Dominic Cogliano), Joe Percuoco, Stephanie Nickerson, Jeff Dwyer, Deanna Parker, Betty Adams, Jamie Mccoy, Robert Johnson, Christina Kos, Tracy King and Sam Yoon

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Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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