By Bob Katzen

The Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee held a virtual hearing on a proposal that would make it illegal to sell a new manufactured fur product in Massachusetts and impose a fine between $500 and $5,000 per fur product for anyone convicted of the sale.

The measure exempts used fur products, fur products used for traditional tribal, cultural or spiritual purposes by a member of a federally recognized or state-recognized Native American tribe; and leather cowhide and shearling. The bill would not restrict licensed trappers and hunters from selling raw fur pelts and hides generated in the course of their lawful activities.

“Every year, more than 100 million undomesticated animals like foxes, raccoon, dogs and mink are confined to small wire cages and then subjected to cruel killing methods that are not regulated by federal humane slaughter laws. Animal protection organizations have documented animals being gassed, electrocuted, bludgeoned to death and skinned alive and this excruciating process must be ended. With so many fur alternatives available, public sentiment against the fur industry has been growing for years and our commonwealth should not be complicit in this truly horrific industry any longer.”

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