Punishment For Residents Of Cedar Street Somerville

By Arthur Moore

I had been notified of poles in Cedar Street now and have received complaints from people as some of the poles block people from getting into their driveways. I do not know what day they went up but it is causing so much havoc on so many levels.

The seniors I heard from are having all kinds of problems with people trying to get into their driveways, drop off services can no longer pull over to the side and have to park in the middle of the street which we know Cedar is a busy street. This group of plastic poles goes from Highland all the way to Elm. This is not a well thought out plan. The bike lane has worked well here outside of some bikers spitting on the seniors who cannot get over to the other side of the street fast enough for them. Trucks trying to unload stock for people working on their homes. Emergency plumbing services. The only accomplishment is to make the lives of the people on that side of the street miserable. The seniors I have heard from are devastated. How can anyone even think of doing this to these people is beyond me. Trying to load someone in a wheelchair into a van and locking them in takes time. Do we really need this hassle? This from a city that bans plastic bags? What are these? Another thing is the people being awakened in the middle of the night by people hitting these things. Don’t know if it’s on purpose or not. This is actually my first day out after two surgeries. I understand the situation is worse on Beacon Street but I really don’t like to go down there anymore even though I grew up there. I know the bike thing really hurt the area enough as it was. The poles are just the icing on the cake for whoever put this vengeful act into action. I got one picture as we could only find one spot to park from Highland to Elm. But just look at it and see for yourself how sickening it.

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