Three Local Fishermen Save 9 Year Old Autistic Boy from Drowning in Somerville

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Photos and videos by Fishermen at scene

By William Tauro

At about 6:15PM on Monday, June 21st, a nine-year-old Autistic boy ran from his mom as they were shopping at the Burlington Coat Factory Store that’s located at Assembly Row in Somerville.

The boy exited the store and ran along the shore of the Mystic River then along Artisan Way to the Amelia Earhart Dam which is located behind Assembly Row.

The boy then jumped in the water next to where two men were fishing on the banks of the shore. The two fishermen Juarez Jesus of Somerville and Sanderson Silva of Everett sprang into action jumping into the water pulling the boy who was beneath the surface from the Mystic River.

Once back onto the shore the boy then jumped into the water again. The two men again jumped into the water and pulled the boy from the river. The young nine-year-old then took off his pants and ran across the field from the shore to the railroad tracks of the Orange Line Assembly Row Station trying to jump onto the railroad tracks. Thats when Jeremiah Robinson of Brighton ran after the boy grabbing him and pulling him away from the tracks.

Somerville Police and Fire Rescuers responded to the call. After fire rescuers examined the young boy, police officers reunited him with his mother.

Photo:Juarez Jesus

Photo: Sanderson Silva

Photo: Jeremiah Robinson

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