Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shanice REDDICK (OUI Liquor, Open Container, Leave Scene of Property Damage)

On May 29, 2021. I, Officer Jorge Morel was working patrol in full-uniform during my assigned 12AM-8AM shift in the west district 6 cruiser #783. At approximately 3:14AM, I was dispatched to the area of 185 College Ave for a report of a Hit and Run.

Dispatch notified us that, a White Jeep struck two Motor Vehicles Parked in the side of the road and immediately left the scene towards the Powder house rotary. Officers Sergio Costa (W-7) and Justin Brown (W-5) responded as back-up. Momentarily dispatch updated units that a witness observed a partial plate (XXXX).

I would like to note that College Ave is a public way located in Somerville defined by the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I would like to note that it was raining and cold the floor surface was wet.

Officers searched the surrounding area. Officer Brown pointed out a White Cherokee Jeep located on 126 College Ave bearing MA reg#XXXX an RMV query yielded that the owner was Shanice Reddick. Approximately 0.4 of a mile away from the scene.

I parked my cruiser behind the White Cherokee Jeep, I observed a female come out of the driver seat. She stood next to the car with the door open while facing away from me. The female, later identified as Shanice Reddick jumped back in the car. I heard a High Rev-engine sound like, for approximately 3 seconds coming from the Jeep. I approached the vehicle by the driver side, with my flashlight. Ms. Reddick was facing towards the driver seat away from me, moving some items that were on the passenger seat. I knocked on the window and got her attention. Ms. Reddick began to say “I was about to call you guys” before I introduced myself as a Somerville Police Officer. As my flashlight illuminated Ms. Reddick, I observed, that she had glassy red eyes, her speech was slurred and sometimes incoherent, and there was an odor of alcohol beverage emitting from her person. I asked Ms. Reddick what was wrong with her car, she replied that her front tire wasn’t working and she began to press her car “push to start” multiple times. As she was doing that, there was a “ding” noise coming from her dashboard. I asked Ms. Reddick to not touch anything in her car and to keep her hands visible. I asked Ms. Reddick where her keys were and she stated, “they’re somewhere in the car”. She turned away from me, looked over the passenger seat and rear of the car and looked back at me. I went to check the front of her car; I observed heavy damage on the front bumper by the passenger seat. The corner of the bumper was missing from the headlight toward the lower end of the bumper, and her tire was blown and partially pushed inwards towards the driver side.

I asked Ms. Reddick if she crashed into any vehicles to which she replied “yes”, I asked Ms. Reddick why she left the scene to which she replied, that she didn’t leave and that the cars are parked right there, while pointing at the rotary. I asked Ms. Reddick if she had anything to drink tonight, and where she was coming from. She stated that she had two drinks about two hours ago, at a bar name “Cosmo”, then proceeded to go to Harvard Sq and lastly she dropped some friends down in Medford. Officer Brown and Sergio arrived to our location. Officer Sergio told me that there was a bottle of alcohol in the passenger side on the floor, it was open and almost empty. Further investigation of yielded that the bottle contained tequila with the label Casamigos Tequila. I asked Ms. Reddick if she drank the whole bottle, to which she mumbled a couple words and then told me that the bottle was sitting in there for about 2 weeks.

I asked Ms. Reddick to provide me with her driver’s license which she did from her purse. I asked Ms. Reddick to step in front of my Cruiser, which was being used to illuminate the area in front of us. I asked Ms. Reddick if she would allow me to do a field sobriety test on her, to which she replied “yes”. I asked Ms. Reddick if she had any physical condition that might jeopardize her safety while performing the test, to which she replied that she had a pinch nerve running from her leg to her right waist but that it will not impede her from doing the test. Ms. Reddick immediately put her right leg parallel to the ground and stated “see I can do it”. I told Ms. Reddick that would explain and demonstrate each test and clarify any questions and concern that she might have. I also instructed Ms. Reddick not to begin the test until I tell her to do so. I would like to note that it was still raining a lot, Ms. Reddick was wearing a thin sweater, White sneakers and jeans. She was shivering and stated that she was cold.

I would note that prior to each test, I explained and demonstrated it for Ms. Reddick. She was also given the opportunity to ask for clarification prior to each test. The area used for each test was on the street, behind her Vehicle and in front of my cruiser. It was flat and wet and still raining. The line for the walk and turn was the double yellow line. The area was well illuminated by my cruiser headlights. Officer Justin Brown observed and maintained scene safety while the test was done.
The following is a summary of all the test performed.

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus:

Ms. Reddick was not wearing contact, but stated that she does wear glasses. She was not wearing glasses at that time. She was able to follow the stimulus, in this case a pen, pupil sizes were equal, and she did not have resting Nystagmus. Ms. Reddick exhibited lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes, Ms. Reddick exhibited distinct and sustained Nystagmus at maximum deviation in both eyes, and Ms. Reddick exhibited Nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in the right eye but not in the left. I needed her to follow the tip of my pen, which I had illuminated with a flashlight that, I carry in my duty belt. I explained that I needed her to follow the pen with her eyes without moving her head. Ms. Reddick tilted her head couple times while following the stimulus. I had to restart the test one time. Ms. Reddick began to yell back “I am not moving my head”.

Walk and Turn:

Ms. Reddick did not start too soon and could keep her balance during the instruction phase. First nine steps: Ms. Reddick missed the line on step three, stepping slightly to the left, began to raise her arms and sway left and right while taking the steps. On step four, stepping slightly to the right. she missed Heel-to-toe on steps ,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, She continued walking forward until 13 steps were taken. She did not perform the turn as instructed, Ms. Reddick hopped instead of pivoting as instructed.

Second Nine Steps: Ms. Reddick again raised her arms for balance and was swaying. In step 2 she step, to the right, step 4, stepping to the left. She missed Heel-to-toe on steps 1,2,3,4,5,6. She took a total of 6 steps instead of 9.

One Leg Stand:

I explained to Ms. Reddick that for this test I would like for her to stand with both feet together and her arms down by her side. When I told her to begin, and not before that, she would raise one foot, 6 inches off the ground and point her toe out so his foot would be parallel to the ground. I explained that while her foot was raised, I wanted her to look at the tip of her toe and count out in the fashion of one thousand one, one thousand two, etc. I then demonstrated this. Ms. Reddick stated she understood but that she was really cold, I would like to note that it was still raining through the entire test and Ms. Reddick sweater was drench, when she spoke I could see her breath and was not wearing warm clothing.

Ms. Reddick began the test before I tell her to do so. After instructing to start Ms. Reddick lift her left leg up and began to count. While doing so she sway left and right, her arms came off her side trying to maintain balance, I observed that she was shivering while counting and her mouth was shaking uncontrollably. She grabbed her sweater while still standing in one leg, despite instructions to keep her hands by her side. I told Ms. Reddick put her foot down. I counted up to 30 while her count was one thousand ten.

Based on the totality of the circumstances, Ms. Reddick was placed under arrest for the following charges:

-Operating Motor Vehicle under the influence of Alcohol.
-Open Container inside Motor Vehicle.
-Leaving the scene of an accident after property damage.

Ms. Redderick was transported to the Somerville Police Station in unit 200 and was booked by Commander in Charge Lt Capasso. Please refer to Officer Jose Rivera supplemental regarding Ms. Redderick BAC test.
Ms. Redderick was issued uniform citation T1824946.
I will be filling a crash report due to the extensive damage of all three Motor vehicles.

Officer Costa told me that, Ms. Reddick collided with a Black Subaru MA Reg#(XXXX), there was heavy damage in the rear driver side of the vehicle and white paint residue left behind from Ms. Reddick Vehicle. The Black Subaru was pushed into a Blue Subaru parked in front bearing MA reg#XXXX. Officer Costa handled the inventory and tow of all 3 Motor vehicles.

Officer Costa spoke to XXXX and XXXX they live on 185 College Ave, who stated they observed Ms. Reddick strike the vehicles, park, then flee the scene.

Respectfully submitted;

Officer Jorge Morel

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  1. I’ve never questioned the importance of defunding the police . Remember your blue blood is rooted in slavery.

  2. Who approves this to be posted online for the world to see. I was accused of sexually soliciting myself that night by an officer Micheal after explicitly explaining how uncomfortable I was surrounded by men officers. I was embarrassed and laughed at by the department after a traumatic experience. I crashed driving down Broadway, a street torn up to bits the entire length of the city. I am utterly ashamed of the city of Somerville allowing this situation to stand, for have putting me through this shame, not protecting women from such demoralizing accusations and not keeping the structure of their streets in mind while demeaning my ability to have managed myself that night. Where is the booking tape ….. I’m still waiting .?

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