Resilient Mystic Collaborative, which Includes Somerville, Recognized for Work Around Climate Resiliency

Somerville, along with the 19 other communities that make up the Resilient Mystic Collaborative (RMC), was recently awarded the Environmental Business Council of New England’s Award for Leadership by a Non-Profit Organization. The Environmental Business Council of New England presents annual awards to recognize companies, organizations, and individuals for outstanding accomplishments in environmental management, energy resources and management, and climate change.

The 20 communities of the RMC were recognized for their work to mitigate climate change risks in the Mystic River watershed. The RMC raised more than $2.5 million in 18 months to support stormwater flood management and storm-hardening infrastructure in the region, next-generation coastal flood management, and to support work to address disparities in the impact of climate change.

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