Typical Socialist City Councilor Trying To Pay Own Mortgage With Other People’s Money In Somerville

By William Tauro

Somerville Ward 2 City Councilor JT Scott is pleading for your financial help for money to pay his own personal mortgage on his own personal Somerville based CrossFit Gym business.

Maybe he should be dealing with it the same way many other local Somerville business owners, some even less fortunate then him have been dealing with the city of Somerville’s atrocious restrictions? Maybe Councilor JTScott should sell one of his many homes and properties to pay his bills? Maybe Councilor JT Scott should be forced to sell or close up his business like many other Somerville business owners across the city have been forced to do because of the illegitimate and stupid decisions?

These idiotic decisions that were and still are swallowing up his CrossFit Gym were actually put in place by him, our Corrupt Mayor Joe along with his city council colleagues and/or other mayoral candidates City Councilor Katjana Balentine aka “ The Crooked Architect/Developer’s Wife” as well as for City Councilor-At-Large Wilfred N. Mbah aka “Race-card Wil Snow Plowing Inc”.

This all unimaginably all transpiring all the while thousands of people across the city are out of work and dozens of local restaurants and businesses are forcefully being held closed by the mayor and this very entire Somerville City Council.

He has become a victim of his own stupidity and socialistic policies and now it has him begging people to pay his mortgage because he can’t open.

There’s nothing new here because he’s just doing what typical socialist are always trying to do which is live off other people’s money.

JT notes that “The bank refused to help.” How about it’s more like that JT SCOTT doesn’t qualify and he’s blaming the bank? Yeah right!

Maybe we should ask him what happened to his other CrossFit Gym that he had on the Fenway that he started in 2009? Did he go bankrupt? Check it out for yourself, it was called CrossFit Fenway.

What’s even more absurd of him creating this GoFundMe page is that the description that he previously/originally posted read that the bank refused to refinance him but he conveniently changed the wording from the bank “Refused us financing ” to “We are unable to secure financing.”

What Somerville City Council JT Scott is also neglecting to mention here in this GoFundMe page is that he has plans to build a six story glass and steel structure on that very site directly across the street from the new GLX Train Station once the station is soon to be completed. How do I know you ask? I know because Somerville City Councillor JT Scott himself showed it to me two years ago along with another witness in his office which is located at his home during one of his weekly office hours meeting sessions. JT must’ve forgot?

So please don’t be fooled by his little charades here as he is hiding behind the “Socialist Label” curtain here because he is absolutely a developer in disguise trying to pull a fast one on you!

And let’s not forget to that these are the same elected officials the want to de-funding our police and firefighters making Somerville unsafe. Just think how many shootings there are at the Mystic Housing Projects on a daily basis alone? This all going on all the while Councilors JT Scott, Katjana Balentine and Councilor Wilfred N. Mbah sits in their safe neighborhoods that they are destroying with their absurd socialist and idiotic thought processes. Do they care about those who live in the rough parts of Somerville? I doubt it! They are all selfish and self serving.

Click on the link below to read Somerville City Council JT Scott’s plead for you to pay his mortgage: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-jt-sustain-cfsv-community-mortgage?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer


Update on this fraud’s GoFundMe page!
Only 2 1/2 hours after I posted this article on the SomervilleNewsWeekly.com news site as well as on all three of my Facebook sites, this fraud of a city Councilor posted this update and started backpedaling! You just can’t make this stuff up!:

“Updates (1)
by JT Scott, Organizer
Great news, everyone! Thanks to you, the members of our amazing community, we have been able to secure refinancing for the gym. Thank you to everyone who donated – your donations made this possible, and are helping sustain the gym while we remain closed for everyone’s safety.

The coaches are about half vaccinated at the moment, and we look forward in 7-8 weeks or so to having everyone vaccinated and ready to resume coaching in a small group environment again; we do miss all of you. We’re still looking at the variants’ spread rates, vaccine efficacy against variants, and many other factors as we consider taking that step, and will be sending out email to members as we get closer to that time with the protocols we’ll have in place to ensure that we can get together safely to have fun and lift heavy.

Again, thank you so much for your support. You’re an amazing bunch of people, and you’re the reason we’re excited to get back to coming to the gym every day.”

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