Somerville/Medford Speakup Line: Somerville Mayor… Killing Small and Minority Businesses

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

City of Somerville Mayor… Killing Small and Minority Businesses. On July 6th, Governor Baker authorized the reopening of all gyms in MA. Local leaders in their respective cities concurred except for the mayor of Somerville, MA. Evidence shows there have been no COVID-19 outbreaks correlated with gym use in MA. While Governor’s doing attempts to make logical sense, why close small/minority businesses that have absolutely no negative impact statistically? One could argue that gyms are safer than your local grocery and department stores.

The Mayor of Somerville
claims to be an advocate for minority businesses, yet I beg to differ. Ever Fitness, the largest minority owned gym in New England, has been in the city of Somerville since its inception in 1994. This is the second time the Mayor has made the unnecessary conscious decision to keep all of the gyms in Somerville closed indefinitely. The gyms in Somerville have been negatively impacted and continue to be subjected to undue hardship. Members are forced to cross city lines and subscribe to memberships at gyms outside of their local grounds. The mayor is playing politics and killing small and minority owned businesses. One’s personal aspiration to realize their own political achievements should not supersede their responsibility to ensure the survival of small businesses.

5 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford Speakup Line: Somerville Mayor… Killing Small and Minority Businesses”

  1. Saw the mayor working out at my gym in Somerville couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve been a member of this gym for a couple of years so far and love this gym! He has the nerve to show his shameless face at the gym after closing them down. I spoke to the owner about him being in the gym. The owner was very Diplomatic. He said the mayor is a loyal member for years and they are honored to have him. If I was the owner I would cancel his membership!

  2. This is a great post! The real question is are the gyms and/or the small businesses that have been effected going to be compensated for the hardship? Everyone else seems to be getting compensated with government funding, but these small businesses still seem to lack that fundamental component that I know would allow them to deal with the closure…… how do we deal with that??? Gov….? You have an idea?

  3. Regarding the unnecessary second closing of the gyms in Somerville including the largest minority own gym in New England. The gyms are cleaner and safer than the home depot stop &shop and target. I don’t see the mayor closing them down. The gyms in Somerville should get together and take legal action because Somerville is the only city in new England with closed gyms.

  4. Gyms do really good job I might add. he machines are sanitized before and after each use. They closed down the showers. Everything is well spaced. Yes the gyms do a great job. And yes people are sent to other cities which makes this so much worse. These kinds of measures are not helping anything but getting the mayor’s picture in the paper. At the expense of others. We need a leader who is in touch with Somerville’s problems. The current mayor has most certainly lost his way and it shows more and more each passing week. The pandemic alone is a problem but compounded by lack of knowledgeable leadership.

    1. Gyms do an excellent job at sanitizing all of their equipment for the safety of their members. I couldn’t agree more we definitely need new leader ship, someone who cares for the city and allows small Business to thrive and help the community.

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