The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

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Happy Birthday from Billy Tauro and all your friends at The Somerville/Medford News Weekly! Happy Birthday to Ian Fitzgerald, Haleigh Cyrus, Kathy Buxton Freeman, Selene Miranda, Marquinho Miranda, Happy 16th Birthday to Conal, Happy 16th Birthday to Chloes Rose,

Tori Palmer, Derrick Martin-Ingle, Michele Marie Cataldo Wells, Joe McCabe, Sam Bottari, Annmaria Trifone, Jolyne Woart, Happy Birthday 10th Birthday to Dominick, Lorraine Harris, Adrienne Moustakas, Happy 28th Birthday to Mike Bussey, Happy 78th Birthday Alberto Carreiro, Grace Romano, Elizabeth “Betty” McGowan, George Hughes, Michael Mooney, Linda LoPresti, Caylee Nagle, Thomas Austin, Happy 84th Birthday to Mr “PA” Moschella, George Laws, Liza Melo, Happy 48th Birthday to Jessica Moore-Hines, Mark Duffy, Happy 12th Birthday to Alexis Pereira, Joanne Connell, Patty McFeeley, Matthew DiDomenico, Barbara Bloedow Miele, Paul Pereira, William J Ruggieri, Tom Mac Innes, Joseph Pacheco, Rob Reed, Jo-Ann Greeley, Zach Angelo Grassia, Richard Cabral, Mike Cabral, Ann Ferraro, Tina Verderese-Pennacchio, Paul Campano, Maria Da Silva, Diane Bruno-Gillis, John Poli, Robert Sweeney, Suzanne Brown, Kevin Su, Philip Ercolini, Leigh Marie, Patty McMaster Auciello, Andrea Nixon, Robert Robinson, Jordan Byrd, Richard Cucchiello, Joni Carroll, Chucky Varney, Sandra DeStefano Cosmopoulos, Linda Levesque McNeill, Lawrence Capriotti, Stephen Hazelton, Nancy Bowden, Cathy Palumbo Demasi, Arthur Ercolini, George McKim, Rhonda Egan, Salvatore Passanisi, Richard Iarossi, Matt Harris, Margaret MacLean, Kumari Miker, Maria Nella Nunes-Rollins, Edward Hardy, Michael Caprigno, Pat Moran Quinlan, Stephanie Reed Estrela, Doris Reno, Michael Kennelly, Wanda Keenan, Silvia Leite, Bobbie Jean Devine, Michael Joaquim, Virginia Delani, Denice Michell, Lynne Dalton, Bill McCarthy, Rosemarie Vaudo, Philip Saraiva, Joe Kirylo, and Paula Eldeb

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