Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Alex PAYNE (Unarmed Robbery)

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 while assigned to E-2, myself and Sector East, Officers Cicerone and Khoury were dispatched to the area of 422 Washington Street for an assist.

When I arrived on scene I was flagged down by the victim, XXXX and his cousin XXXX. XXXX told me that he had been in his vehicle with XXXX and a friend, he identified as Alex Payne, shortly before my arrival.

XXXX said that while driving to Payne’s residence at 94 Beacon Street, Payne accused XXXX of having a sexual relationship with XXXX and Payne demanded to be let out of the vehicle. XXXX said that Payne parked the vehicle next to 94 Beacon Street and XXXX and Payne exited the car.

At this point Payne continued to berate XXXX and called him “disgusting” even as XXXX denied the accusations. XXXX then said that Payne demanded XXXX repay him $40 for gas he had put into XXXX’s car which XXXX agreed to do. XXXX said that he gave Payne the $40 and when Payne saw that XXXX had more money on him, he told XXXX to “give me all your shit” and to “run your pockets”. At this point XXXX said that Payne attempted to reach into XXXX’s pants pockets and take his money causing XXXX and XXXX to flee from the area.

At this point XXXX said that Payne entered XXXX’s vehicle and drove away. XXXX said that Payne ended up stopping the vehicle on Line Street because the car stopped running due to the key FOB being around a lanyard on XXXX’s neck. XXXX then called the Somerville Police and left the area in fear for his and XXXX safety. XXXX said that he had last saw Payne walking eastbound on Beacon Street towards 94 Beacon Street.

I was then able to speak with XXXX who corroborated the story of XXXX. XXXX said that she was afraid of Payne due to his violent and erratic behavior. I was then able to locate the vehicle, a gray BMW (NH Reg# XXXX), parked on the sidewalk of Line Street. The vehicle appeared to have been rummaged through, with the center console open and various items thrown around the interior. XXXX said that he was missing $120, his driver’s license, a medical marijuana card and a small black flashlight from the vehicle.

While I was speaking with XXXX Officers Cicerone and Khoury went to 94 Beacon Street where they spoke with Payne. Payne said that XXXX, XXXX and himself had driven into Boston to buy marijuana and take a road trip to New York. Payne said that he gave XXXX $40 for gas and while at the gas station an unknown male whistled at XXXX causing XXXX to become upset and yell at the male. Payne said that he believed XXXX did that because he was sexually involved with XXXX and Payne did not think that was right. Payne said that he became angry and told them he was driving home and no longer going to New York. Upon arriving at 94 Beacon Street, Payne said that he asked for the $40 back from XXXX, which he confirmed XXXX gave him. Payne said that he then went into his apartment without incident.

At this point I was able to make my way to 94 Beacon Street to speak with Payne. When I arrived on scene Officers Cicerone and Khoury told me that Payne had emptied his pants pockets and was in possession of XXXX’s license, XXXX and black flashlight. I asked Payne why he would have those items if they were not his and he replied that he must have grabbed them accidently. I then asked Payne if he had taken XXXX’s car without permission and he said that he had moved it after XXXX left the area because it was blocking the street. I told Payne that XXXX said that he believed Payne had taken $120 from his center console which Payne denied.

After hearing this Payne started to become increasingly angry and began clenching his fists and yelling that XXXX was a “rapist” and a “fucking skinner” and that he had to deal with him. Payne then began yelling at XXXX saying that he was going to “kill him” and he better be arrested or he was going to kill XXXX for being “skinner”. To my knowledge the term skinner is a slang word for a pedophile. At this point Payne was placed under arrest for unarmed robbery and threatening to commit a crime. He was transported to the station in Unit 200 by Officer P. Canty, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant W. Rymill.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Keith O’Donnell
Badge #340
Somerville Police Department

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