An Interview with Psycho – Hotline to the Underground

Hotline to the Underground
by Joe Viglione

Musicians in the Boston area are watching nightclubs fall due to the pandemic, from Bull McCabe’s and Thunder Road outside of Union Square
to the venerable C Note in Hull on Nantasket Beach. This is having a domino effect on the music scene.

Mickey Bliss, owner of Club Bohemia, is sustaining the webpage with profiles of local artists
and now the Virtual Club Bohemia Cafe where artists like Kenny Selcer appear in concert.

Full disclosure, this writer is the editor of the Club Bohemia website. Selcer offered the site his 5 song show recorded 11/29/20 for The English Folk Club (Bavaria) Virtual Showcase You can hear it here:

We are also profiling artists such as Gaviiformes (It’s a Band, not a Bird) and Jesse and the Hogg Brothers, both written about in the Medford News Weekly and Somerville News Weekly. The artist of the month for January 2021 is a group that’s been around for four decades, has traveled South America on tour, and continues to churn out the underground hardcore punk that is beloved by the following that they have amassed in the past forty years.


q: How is PSYCHO doing while the clubs are closed?

1- basically we have been laying low. Our guitarist Johnny X has some health issues so we haven’t been able to get together since last March… but we have been jamming together since December. We are working on remembering the songs and getting them tighter and faster again. Me (Charlie ) and bassist Mike have jammed a bit without Johnny over the summer and have 3 new tunes we are working on.

q:Are you writing new songs, doing any virtual concerts?

2- Yes we have 3 new songs so far and are always working in others.. we will bring back a few songs we haven’t played since the 1990”s too. Sorry no virtual concerts… we would love to do that but the practice space is too small and we don’t have a good mixing board so if we did that it would just sound like a big mess !! Ha ha.

q:How are you working your recent release on the web?

3- we promote our stuff on our FB page… but to tell the truth I haven’t done much stuff online lately so that’s a bit lacking…

Q:Are you planning club dates in 2021?

4- nothing planned yet for 2021. All clubs still closed and pandemic is still out of controll… so no big rush to play live again just yet.
We love playing live so this is a big set back for us. We sell a lot of our merchandise at live shows so … that’s been almost nothing.

Q:Do you have other social media sites along with the main page and Facebook?

5- we have our Facebook page. .And i have a website too… I have all the Psycho merchandise up there… shirts cds vinyls tapes etc etc.

Q: Has the band changed much since 1983 when PSYCHO appeared on Boston Rock and Roll Anthology #1

(Anthology Vol 1: Psycho Track #(10) “How Much Longer” Bass, Vocals – Bill NormalDrums – Denny DisorderGuitar – Johnny X Lead Vocals – Mick Keddy (Mick lived in Somerville, and may still live there!)

6- Psycho has changed a lot since 1983. Johnny X is still here but everybody else is gone. The line up now is Johnny X guitar and vocals
Charlie Infection drums and vocals ( since 1984) Mike bass and vocals (since 1990)

Q: Anything you’d like to say to our Club Bohemia / Somerville News Weekly / Medford News Weekly readers?

7- we have been around since 1981 so we will be celebrating our 40th year together. We have a new cd we started recording in Feb 2019 and we finally have completed it. This will come out on Self made God records from Poland… hope to see it out 2021. And it’s called Vulture Church.

We love the Cantab and miss playing there !! We miss all the great people there too.. Mickey… Richie…
Hope we can play there again someday. Contact us at the FB page or email us at…
Mr.infection{@} Or Rockingwithwolves{@}

Thanks, Charlie

And if YOU would like to be profiled and/or send us a concert tape to air on the club site: joeviglione{@}

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