Keeping A Failed Program Alive For Free Money

By Arthur Moore

Here we go again, starting off 2021 with the government throwing money at us to the tune of $225,000 to keep the failed shared streets program going. We just got over celebrating their disappearance here. Just because they throw money at us does not mean we have to take and spend it.

As a country in deep trouble we need to watch our spending before the whole country tanks and goes under. There is no money. We are in deep debt and it is going to be worse. Accepting money for something useful Is one thing. But to take money for a failed program is no justified in any way. As a supposingly good city we should be stepping up and saying no to this kind of waste. There may be cities where it can have some use but it definitely did not have any use here. It caused more havoc and destruction and clutter on our streets that we do not need. We had it here long enough to know our city is not laid out in a way to make use of this. So why are we taking this money? If we can’t take it and put it to good use them let’s not take it and waste it. We have so many problems here in Somerville now just trying to keep businesses alive and people in their homes with everything that is going on. Is there just no common sense left here at all? If we do not have the kind of people running our city that do not have the common sense to run this city it is time to go and let people come in that have some. It Is not a difficult thing to turn down something that does not work. If our leaders cannot even do that much there is something definitely wrong. They need to understand they work for us and we want a better Somerville. And we do not wish to add this useless clutter on our streets. Let’s try to make this a decent looking city again. Not some dump with rubbish spread everywhere looking stupid. This WAS a nice city. STOP ruining it! Or is this some kind of retaliation from the powers that be? We need a mayor that can see through these useless programs and get our city back on track for the people of Somerville that support it. We the taxpayers. No more useless programs!

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