The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Many Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and square this week! Happy Birthday greetings go out to Paula Jorge, Jennifer Mochi Chernisky, Eve Chirco, Deacon Belizarie, Elizabeth Leavitt, Ann Francey, Jim Dunne, Vanessa Ashleigh, Dan Reidy, Vanessa Pino, Sal Cicero, Sabino Lagattolla, John Tivnan, John Holbrook, Geraldine Nolan McLaughlin,

Paul Picardo, Arthur Centanni, Mark Smith, Robert Barletta, Skip Murray, Tom Pilifka, Mary McGuire, Brian O., Raymond Desimone, Epaul Burke, John Zagarella, Barbara Roberts Survilas, Maryann Ryan, Lisa D’Angelo, John Oliver, Lisa Kwan, Trisha Rios, Robert Tibbetts, Jon Mass Marine Parts, Joe Marshall, Stephanie Peters, Ann Marie Fahey Harrington, Greg O’Brien, Laura Scott, Antonio Ciamea, Michelle Napolitano, Fred Doucette, Edward Woodruff, Joe Hourihan, Diane Accardi, John Pedro, Patty DiDomenico Cave, Scott McDonnell, Tremaine Vincent Peterson, Kristine Melo Corbett, Cheryl Ann McGah, David Tired, Karen Invernizzi Chaves, Alicia Dasilva, Jason Fucile, Michael Roe O’Donnell, Breda Lee Ivy, Donna Spurrell,
Joseph DiPietro, AnneMarie Fava Invernizzi, Albert Johnson, Timothy Tompkins, John Claudina, Happy 9th Birthday to Cassidy Snow, Happy 50th Birthday to Kathleen Ross, Happy 22rd Birthday to James Rigione, Happy 11th Birthday to Omarion Ayala, Happy 13th Birthday to Tyler Saltman, Happy
Happy 17th Birthday to Brooke Jones, Happy23rd Birthday to Shayna Harrington, Happy 75th Birthday to Sandra Millette and Happy 90th Birthday to Michael Aurigemma SR’s dad Bruno, Happy Birthday to Francesca Marchione’s granddaughter Bella and Happy 81st Birthday to Susan Campbell’s mom Janice

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