Saving Somerville One Fork at a Time

By Arthur Moore

In case you have missed the latest episode of our city council try to save our landfill from pollution. Now they have this bright idea to ban plastic spoons and forks.

This is a great time to do this during a pandemic where it may be healthier to use these in some cases eating out or food to go. But they have decided of all the things that are important to us this would be the thing to do. And to make things even crazier they keep putting in those silly poles. You know, the ones in the middle of streets as an eyesore on the side of the street and in the middle. Lots of them. I look at one little fork and if you put it beside one of those useless silly poles it would seem the city is adding more to the problem than one fork. This is what they waste their time on rather than trying to solve the problems facing us. Like people homeless and the pandemic. Nope, we have to spend time on that little plastic fork to save the world. I drive down a street that used to look nice. Now all I see are those stupid silly poles which make the street look a vehicle test site for defensive driving. I think maybe that’s why the cars speed up when they put them in. And let us not forget the spoons. The end of the world is coming if we don’t ban those from Somerville. But those big hunks of ugly plastic poles in the streets can stay. That little plastic fork is useful, those huge ugly silly poles not so much. Let’s keep our forks and put those silly ugly plastic pole in the recycling bin where they belong. Not making our city ugly. The people of Somerville do not want these. But the little plastic forks we do. We can think for ourselves. We did very well before many of the council members were born. They missed the common sense line at birth. The city spends big bucks now hiring tree specialists to make the city pretty. Then put in silly poles to do the opposite. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. So “Remember in November 2021” when you vote!

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