Licensing Commission Advisory: Outdoor Dining Hours Extended, Cocktails to Go Approved


1. Yesterday, the Somerville Licensing Commission voted unanimously to extend to 11:30 PM the closing time for restaurants to provide outdoor dining service to their patrons. Previously, the closing time had been set at 10:00 PM.

2. Also yesterday, the Governor signed S.2812, An Act to expand take-out/delivery options in response to COVID-19, so Somerville restaurants can now sell mixed drinks for off-premises consumption with the purchase of food.

Here is the text of the Licensing Commission’s extension:

The extension of hours for Temporary Outdoor Seating Licenses is hereby approved on both public property and private property to 11:30 pm (from 10:00 pm), for all establishments through November 1 at 11:30 pm, unless otherwise modified by the Governor or State or City legislation, and requires no additional payment. This extension is conditioned on each establishment filing a health and safety plan, and receiving City approval of its socially distant seating layout, as well as meeting any other conditions placed by appropriate city officials. Outdoor seating license holders are warned that any license holder who violates these, or any other terms or conditions of the license, may be subject to suspension for the remainder of 2020 and/or the revocation of the license holder’s license.

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