Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Really Wish Someone Would Investigate the Center Dialysis Inc Clinic

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Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I really wish that someone would investigate the CDI center (Center Dialysis Inc.) on Broadway Somerville. They have at least 12-15 dialysis patients at the center that have Covid 19. I understand they need to get dialysis to save their lives but the problem is, they are being treated in the same not so clean area’s as the other patients. Cataldo ambulance and other ambulance companies brings them in right by the other patients. Not even giving anyone a chance to either get out of the way or to get out of the building. They are not supposed to be brought in side until after 3:00 after ALL of the other patients have left and the place has been sanitized. This is putting the other sick patients at VERY HIGH RISK for Covid 19. I agree they need to be treated as well but not at the expense of the other patients that already have underlying conditions. They should be treated at a hospital so they are not exposing others.

2 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Really Wish Someone Would Investigate the Center Dialysis Inc Clinic”

  1. For sure Anonymous. I have been watching around the country and ideas are being put into practice that appear to be good common sense ideas and helping some into getting back into it. Even if on limited basis.
    In the dialysis one they are int he health care business so they should have at least some idea on how to operate. I have to be super careful myself not so much for me but for others that I do have to be around. Common sense is a big thing and needs to be used. I carefully have to think about every move I make so as to keep everyone safe. Until this is worked out. Forget the city officials. They have been a dismal failure sorry to say. Especially now that we need them to step up.

  2. This is clearly an extreme safety hazard for everyone involved. With all the regulations being set who is enforcing them. The DPH and local health departments will need to be trained on all new protocol as it changes for consistent policing along with adding increased staffing.

    There needs to be regular daily inspections of all businesses, medical sites, work places and food establishments as they open. Since it is a pandemic notice should not be required.

    Right now the businesses that are operating legally and illegally are not all consistent how they conduct business according to the guidelines set forth by the State and City.

    For example Some DD coffee shops are performing single service standards wearing masks and gloves. One person takes your order and money the other staff serves you your food and drink. Whereas there are others who take your money and serve you your food with the same gloves This is unsafe, unsanitary and creates a much greater risk for everyone that passes through the door of possibly contracting the virus.

    Unfortunately the City officials talk a great game for the media but do not provide the support for true safety measures to protect customers and residents. There is no reason that staff should not be out enforcing the current regulations that can be done by driving, walking then a phone call or letter advising the business of a violation.

    A lot of what needs to be done is common sense by all. Everyone must protect themselves and ensure anywhere you go or anything you do is being done with personal safety in mind. Step away from an unprotected person, do not accept something from someone not following safe protocols avoid shopping or buying from unsafe businesses.

    This along with monitoring, inspections and enforcement will go a long way with protecting people and saving lives moving forward since this just will not end when the stay at home is lifted.

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