Sanitation Workers Still Working During Coronavirus Outbreak Deserve Applause

Sanitation workers are still working during the coronavirus outbreak and they’re busier than ever. They deserve an extra big thank you as well.

One thought on “Sanitation Workers Still Working During Coronavirus Outbreak Deserve Applause”

  1. These people are only a small part of the real underpaid workers here in Somerville. I am sure they are handling lots of virus stuff in those barrels. Same dangerous conditions the health care works have and other people who put themselves on the line for us. Some companies are stepping up to do something. I don’t expect much from Somerville as their past has shown they don’t care and will work hard to ignore the problem instead of address it. Do you see our $40000 a year plus council members out and about doing anything? They could be checking the situations of the stores and streets and parking lots and like earning some of that pay. The over paid mayor doing his little video once in a while of what we already know instead of working on the problems we have. The Blue Bike stands are still in use, another great way to pass the virus around. How about that unused bike lane in Winter Hill? Take down those silly posts so when people can go back to work if they even can survive long enough to do will have a chance to survive this. Never mind the ADA people the city is also screwing over for this unused protected bike lane. We may not be near opening back up but lets look at ways to help when it does by doing things now to get it ready that we can. We don’t need to be paying people to do nothing while people get underpaid to keep us going. Our elected officials should be ashamed of themselves and if they are not going to do anything give their pay to the people that do! Wake up!

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