Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Customer Safety in Somerville


747C8256-2441-4D7C-AA92-1621AD2005A6Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I find this extremely important to have you share my concerns during this very fluid pandemic. As I do some business in the city which is minimal now, I have found very inconsistent practices at local businesses such as stores, takeout and grocery stores.

At a local convenience store such as Y NOT as soon as this Covid 19 situation began. The proprietors installed a lexan shield along with wearing gloves they added paper on the counter that can be changed regularly. The same was done at a Dunkin Donuts where the employees wear gloves that are changed on a regular basis. Re-useable bags have been banned and plastic ones are back a change i hated.

At Home depot there is a line with markers six feet apart and so many customers are allowed in as another leaves the store many of the employees are wearing masks for safety. At Stop n Shop they closed the deli counter and have instituted a grab n go process where all the coldcuts are pre-sliced and packaged. Also allowing so many customers at a time.

At Market Basket there is a double line with markers guiding you to keep 6 feet apart and the same only so many in as others leave with a maximum of 107 customers. The real hazard is at the cold cut counter where the slicers are not wearing masks, they are involved in a conversation while they are doing so. If there is ever a health issue during this very unsafe time this is it. No unpackaged food should be handled unless there is full protection measures being taken.

I have seen the same situation a restaurant that is doing take out orders not one worker is wearing a masks. I think with the peak of this virus coming it is imperative that the city enforce more stringent health codes across the board to protect the most vulnerable residents from a possible death sentence.

I understand social distancing closing parks and playgrounds but I think food services are more of a threat than anything else.

The City of Somerville and the Health Department needs to step up to the plate and begin inspecting businesses to enforce the standards needed to protect the customers and workers alike.

Please post this message so our City can wake up and do the right thing before another resident succumbs to this silent but deadly killer.

John L Sullivan

3 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Customer Safety in Somerville”

  1. Arthur unfortunately the words silence are golden you have the grandstanding folks then those that avoid conflict or fear criticism.

    Sadly to say workers had to protest the unsafe conditions that are occurring along with the fact the 59 year old employee from Market Basket in Salem NH. that passed away from Covid 19 .

    The State Department of Public Health does not see the forest through the tree’s. Its time if not too late to ramp it up..Mr. Sullivan’s concerns are more than accurate more needs to be done to protect all the workers providing the community with the services needed.

    Corporate America is not getting some of this start on all front lines.

    Thanks local delegation job well done!

  2. Maybe it is a good time to let our city counsel members do a little work and earn their pay and check out their words for problems and then notify the health department as I am sure the health department is overworked right and this would save them a lot of wasted time.

  3. Hello,
    Similar to market basket I noticed the same thing at Whole Foods in beacon st. The deli was open and the employees weren’t wearing masks, and talking to
    Each close to the machine where they cut the meat.

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