Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:If I Get Sick, I Know Who To Blame!


Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

As the remainder of the citys construction is at a standstill not the SHS project, why is that?

To my understanding there’s over four hundred construction workers up there, all sharing  breathing space and possibly passing it on to many of us and that’s just not right!

7 thoughts on “Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:If I Get Sick, I Know Who To Blame!”

  1. Being a union employee you would think that their representatives who parade through our city for workers rights would be all over this very compromising life safety issue.

    The person posting using the almighty makers title is one of a very few union assholes sadly to say. Jeopardize you, your family, coworkers and many others for a few weeks pay.

    You are likely the same type that when you get laid off you collect and go work under the table somewhere else and beat the system taking work from others

    You should change your title to dumb ass since I would rather have no balls than to be selfish and stupid during a very serious crisis.

    And if OSHA ever comes on the jobsite you can validate not having to wearing a hard hat since you have a hard thick head that is not a safety concern.

  2. I just took the opportunity to listen to Mayor Bullshit and it was very interesting. He chastised people having basketball pick up games, having Corona parties and playing outdoors.

    Then he goes onto say that ” those people are risking the lives of those on the front line” and everyone should keep them in mind when we are continuing activities and not practicing social distance?

    WTF Mayor Bullshit look at the SHS project.

    1. It’s a good bet none who are working there are going to his house for dinner. If someone close to these people die then let’s see how he justifies that.

  3. Blah blah blah blah
    Another one with the “call the feds”
    You read too many of this guys conspiracy theories and misguided fairytales. If you’re so concerned about spreading the invisible virus, tell this wannabe Howie Carr to stay home and stop taking pictures of everything that pisses him off just so he can have something to put in his pitiful news blog. He is not essential in any sense of the word. Next time he comes to our work site, don’t hide like a little bitch. Grow some balls, Put on your hard hat and actually talk to someone. I promise not to cough on you.

    1. Jesus
      What’s your take on the 4 workers walking shoulder to shoulder down highland ave , social distancing? 6 feet Is the rule , no ? – pretty sure the hard hat doesn’t matter –

  4. This is not about making enemies this is about the safety of our community as a whole. Shutting down all private projects that are much smaller but allowing a municipal project with in excess of three hundred people to continue working is extremely hazardous.

    These workers are coming from all over the state and outside to work. No one is taking any measures to protect themselves from the invisible killer. You are jeopardizing everyone they come in contact during and after work along with our firefighters, ambulance and police if an accident or incident occurs.

    This is a rare event that needs to be stopped in its tracks to ensure all of safety. We should not worry about a job schedules deadline, losing some pay over valuable lives.

    As a community and Country we are all in this together preventing more peoples safety from being compromised is more important than anything.

    Just ask the families of those that have died, are suffering and in lock down at the many senior complexes. Lets have some compassion for the ones we love and care about do not be selfish.

    Its not about what news this newspaper prints its about what is right.
    If they continue to operate maybe a call to the State and Feds will ensure exercising the safety that’s needed to protect us all during this critical period.

  5. You really enjoy making enemies. Just be sure to exercise all osha safety rules when visiting our site. Hard hats are not a fashion statement. We wouldn’t want you to hey hurt if something were to accidentally fall on the fat head of yours.

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