HOTLINE TO THE UNDERGROUND Week 5 by Joe Viglione Monday Nov 18, 2019

On Halloween, 2019, Andy Pratt recorded at Mojo Studio“Everything in this World – Pratt on all vocals and instruments , Anthony Cimono drums and engineering. It’s an amazing neo-Velvet Undergound piece, methodical, Dylanesque, moody and one of the best things we’ve heard this year. Avenging Andy still has the magic touch…

…Photographer/musician Pamela Ruby Russell and her astrologer husband Eric Linter appeared on’s ARTITUDE program with host/producer Michael Gordon Penn, cohost Rachel Goldberg. Original Air Date: 11/18/2019, 11/19/19 @ 10 pm, 11/20 at 9:00 AM, 11/20 at 2:30 PM 11/21 at 10:30 AM – probably video on demand as well. Russell also debuted on the Rawk Dawg Show

…Friday November 22, 2019 The Wild Allegations, Alexandria Lillian, Brother Odd and Kid Wolf are at Club Bohemia @ The Cantab Lounge, 728 Mass. Ave in Cambridge. Saturday night there’s Metal Madness meets Punk Attitude with Chapels, Psycho featuring Charlie Infection, Z/28 and Stasis. It’s your Cantab pre-Halloween party.

Check out a new Boston band, BORN YESTERDAY “Hysteria” is energetic and powerful from the initial blastoff and throughout. Guitar that pulsates and crunches at the same time, the music is a hard glide, like surfing on a buzzsaw with direct lyrics and a stern vocal, somewhere between The Ramones meets Pearl Jam. Two minutes and forty-two seconds of sonic blasts, the way we like ’em.

“Sun Shines Through” slows things up into a grunge/garage band reading over solid drums and no-nonsense words and lead vocals that have an authority which sounds determined and assured. The lead guitar is spot on in an entertaining way that begs repeated spins. This might be what Black Sabbath would sound like if they started their reign in 2019…a refined and hard sound that has lots of appeal.

“Woah Oh Oh (It Takes Two To Go Around” adds some pop music to the hard rock, the band has equal dashes of irreverence with the serious, and is most impressive. Highly recommended.

ALBUM REVIEW | Born Yesterday

ALBUM REVIEW | Born Yesterday
“Zero Caution” album review by Joe (The Count) Viglione


“Wrong Side” starts off this super fun e.p. with a dash of mid-70s Deep Purple (you KNOW which Purple I mean!) – three minutes and fifty-four seconds beginning with underwater guitar blending into a guitar lead that is intertwined with police sirens followed by a catchy riff and a memorable chorus. This is no-nonsense rock and roll which melts into the sounds of the sea for track two, “Sea of She,” clocking in at 5:08 it’s got the Mick Ralphs/Bad Company “Ready For Love” feel, a ballad that rocks inside the moody tempo. Co-founder Bill Passaro’s drums churn away with bassist Trevor O’Deady – especially on “Sea of She” and the tune that follows, “Fit Into It” with beautiful guitar work from lead vocalist/lead guitarist Philippe Doucet and rhythm guitar Eric Nugent.

The four minute and twenty-seven second “Bad Angle,” the James Bond Theme of this ensemble, continues the solid combination of riff/musicianship/hooks, a traditional formula in a new setting for this post Millennial new age

…Joe Black and his Carved in Stone Media are rampaging across Las Vegas where Aerosmith currently has a residency. We’re awaiting the Black Report from Vegas soon…his song “Monster” also got aired on Rawk Dawg Radio on Monday the 18th of November in Merry Olde England.

In the 3 years since the eponymous Eric Lee extended-play mini album comes this perfectly produced collection of twelve compositions with huge crossover potential. Heartache Town, the title track, is pure pop Americana succinctly wrapped up in two minutes and forty-five seconds. It drives, captivates, and brings the listener in with the elegance of James Taylor and an integrity so essential to believability.

The singer’s voice is the intro flowing into an immediate groove that gives a solid foundation for the storyline – for Lee’s prime instrument is (actually are) those vocal chords, above his ability to play, pluck and strum a variety of different vibrating strings attached to a multitude of different wooden platforms.

“Another Bloody Mary Morning” is a rock hootenanny with bluegrass overtones and a showcase for the singer’s ability to discretely traverse different styles. Those styles change quickly from song to song, quickly yet ever so slightly, with the tunes placed in an inviting way begging for repeated spins.

“Silver Headstone” goes pure traditional country – almost three minutes before the five minute “Prince of Dreamers.” And despite the reference to James Taylor above, Lee’s influences aren’t that glaring, he tucks the many sources he draws from onto an original canvas that makes it all very appealing.

Two epics are “Fall of Man,” and “To Write You A Song,” the latter appearing on the previous collection as well. “Fall of Man” features Eric Lee – lead vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, baritone violin, electric fiddle, violins, electric guitar, Tracy Grammer – harmony vocal, Greg Greenway – harmony vocal, Matthew Thornton – cello, Jim Henry – electric lead guitar, Paul Kochanski – bass, J.J. O’Connell – drums, Brian Johnson – sitar – and the accompanists are listed straight from the press information to give a scope on how many different ideas and vibrations combine to give these story songs such lively brio and heart.

The semi-duet on “Lucky Penny,” a song co-written with Neale Eckstein, brings a nice change of pace, though it’s still Eric Lee’s vocal chords that pave the way. A deep, intentionally underplayed acoustic guitar as lead instrument, “I Wish I Was a Plumber” is a musician’s lament, reminiscent of Tony Hendra (Spinal Tap) and his amazing, insightful John Lennon parody “If I could be a fisherman I would be a fisherman but I can’t because I’m a (expletive) Genius.” Co-written with Pete Nelson the rhythm section of Kochanski and O’Connell are a delight while Ryan Hommel’s pedal steel also demanding mention.

Again it is Lee’s heartfelt voice and observations which catch your attention while sterling accompaniment embraces the themes of the dozen written essays, smoothly enveloped by these vibrant musical textures

1. The Garden (Where No Burdens Will Pass Through) 03:09
2. Heartache Town 02:45
3. Another Bloody Mary Morning 03:49
4. Silver Headstone 02:58
5. Prince of Dreamers 05:08 buy track
6. Fall of Man 06:29
7. I Wish I Was a Plumber 05:51
8. Lucky Penny 03:50
9. Life Without You 03:10
10. To Write You a Song 06:35
11. Giving Up On You 05:18
12. Help My Neighbor On 04:3

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