Joe Curtatone, You Have Failed This City

By Arthur Moore

Could not resist the Arrow cliché but it fit so perfectly. I have been in this city for many years, I have tried not to believe things about the mayor. But I can no longer do that. This restore Broadway crusade has become one of saving our local businesses.

I did not start out that way but as I learned I changed with it. It was hard to understand why the ability of handicapped people to go to stores there had their access taken from them by the city. And why was this bus/bike lane implemented now? Before election? Before our streets were returned to us after being closed and another one closing shortly which should NOT have been done until after everything was reopened. Talks to rectify this are put off until after the election. Businesses are dying now in Winter Hill and are looking more like a deliberate land grab than anything else.

The city in their vision wants these multiuse buildings on Broadway. What better way to do it than put these businesses out of business and take the property. I am told that this whole business on Broadway is the result of three people, Niedergang, Rawson and Curtatone. I also explained in my zero vision article about how this city is doing the opposite of helping to be a carbon free city.

When someone is in office this long in that kind of position they just do as they please like it was their own company then someone who is supposed to be working for the people who voted for them. And while taking the time to actually talk to people I can’t find anyone who is employed by the city who wants Curtatone for mayor. I am also asked not to mention who for they fear what could happen.

There will be people holding signs for him on election day who will not be voting for him. Many are fooled by his talk. I can’t believe when at an important meeting to the taxpayers his face is in his phone and pays no attention. Is this what we want for a mayor? A lot of things sneak by when not paying attention.

Now that I have time at this point in my life I am seeing so much wrong here and it is unbearable. We need desperately to speak up for ourselves and our long time businesses that we have known for so many years and will surely lose them. I am not going to keep on writing in this article as I could go on for so long now that I have learned so much.

I can see why Marianne Walles is doing so good as a new political face is that so many people are finally waking up to the fact that they have been losing so much here and now want to save what is left. Were Curtatone to work for the people she would have had to drop out by now instead of the opposite of gaining support.

Tuesday is Election Day, get out and be heard. There is transportation for everyone and people are counting on you. Of course I want Joe to go but the choice is yours. I will be out on Broadway and Temple at 4.30PM today. Feel free to drop by and say hello or ask questions. Or join our mailing list or ask questions of us at And just a reminder, we are not anti bike or bus. Many bikers have joined us after learning what we are trying to do.

I think too many got the wrong idea and I keep trying to clarify that. Let’s all work together and save these local businesses. No one wants to lose their mode of living and neither do these wonderful people.

Four years from now will be too late. Please help and vote for Marianne Walles, please.

6 thoughts on “Joe Curtatone, You Have Failed This City”

  1. There are more going at the first of the year but these are ones most people are not aware of. I have complained for years about being anti small business but the powers that be have a deaf ear when it comes to that. But we are not alone, I see other towns having a loss of small businesses due to these upgrade from the city that turns away the patrons of these businesses. I think the ADA needs to step inn as now handicapped people are also evicted from going to these stores. It’s heartbreaking how many lives are effected by this and the lack of compassion by our elected officials. And the lack of proper research before sticking us with this. As I learn more about the effects this is having I try to make them aware. Before it gets any worse it needs to be stopped and today election day is the time to do it. The mayor has done nothing to stop this and the only answer is he has to go. This mayor makes Trump look like Mother Theresa!

  2. It’s sad to see Victor’s deli closing after so many years! Something has to be done before all the small family owned businesses are gone!

  3. Stephanie may have to leave to care for her children as I understand. Not sure how certain that is as I have not talked to her about that. The little bit of talk I have had with her makes me think she is very sincere. I hope she proves me right. Jack stood out with us tonight with the restore Broadway group. We want to see him and most certainly Marianne Walles get voted in. I have been very surprised at some of the people voting for Walles which, sadly I cannot say who they are. Hopefully they will be able to come out afterwards and maybe shock some people.

  4. Election Day is upon this fine city. This is the modern day term limits. Unfortunately we cannot vote out wards 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Councilors this year.

    Luckily we can possibly deny the corner office a return in 2020 along with Wil ” I would like to sign onto to that motion ” Maybe re-electing the other three at large and adding Jack Connolly into the fray may add some fire to the camp.

    Especially where I have watched the trio of male Councilors be verbally abusive and talk down to the the female Councilors on many occassions during meetings.

    I wonder if that is why Stephanie will not retain her seat after Tuesday if re-elected. Or is it to protect the fifth place Councilor and enable them a seat on the Council.

    It makes me wonder after all the other Ward Councilors that are unopposed pounding the internet to get out the vote for Wil and silently for the next Mayor Elect Mrs. Walles.

    The theme song I see my Marriane walking away with the election!

    Every vote does count if you cast a ballot.

  5. A crook or an open socialist. Can’t get a crappier set of options than what we have

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