Tonight-Important ResiStat Meeting Tonight!!! Please Go!! Event Thursday, October 24, 2019 – 6:30pm – 8:00pm Healey School Cafeteria

Event Thursday, October 24, 2019 – 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Healey School Cafeteria
5 Meacham St.
Somerville, MA

This is very important as the new businesses have lost their parking and are hurting due to the Broadway mistake. Besides the traffic problem, pollution problem and safety issues we are killing off new businesses before they even have a chance to get started. Also I have learned yesterday that the businesses on the other side of the street are hurting also. I have only spoken to the new ones and will work in talking to the ones on the other side like Mama Lisa and others on that block and will proceed to talk to the others as fast as I can. I am very much opposed to putting these people out of business. I have been a small businessman for years and I know first hand how hard it is to survive and make a living. They work long hours, support the community and they don’t make as much money as they should for all their hard work. Enough!!! Please go to the meeting!!! Let’s not lose these people to this mistake gone bad. Thank you, Arthur Moore.
And please than Billy Tauro for all his wonderful support for this cause. for the newsletter and updates

3 thoughts on “Tonight-Important ResiStat Meeting Tonight!!! Please Go!! Event Thursday, October 24, 2019 – 6:30pm – 8:00pm Healey School Cafeteria”

  1. THE ResiStat Meeting, not much to see here except for people like
    Marriane Walles, Jack Connolly, Stephanie Hirsh and numerous other supporters. The Broadway mistake was the some old computer stat thing and they will be doing more in the future. So obviously they are still trying to stick it to us. I had to really get angry and make myself heard so I could at least speak up for our local small businesses that are suffering and losing money and most likely will be gone at this rate. They showed they don’t care. The lanes that have the new poles are given no hope as Rawson is talking about special snow equipment to plow it during the Winter for a bike lane that is not really used. So that means those businesses in that half empty building will lose everything. Never mind the ones across the street and have known and gone to for years. One day at this rate they will be gone and the city can put in another useless multiuse building. There were a couple of people who liked this so it is safe to see that is who they will go with. Again, I have stated many times, both myself and my wife have biked that for over 50 years and it was never a problem. They are adamant to stick this to us regardless of the fact it does not work, it was done at the wrong time admitted by them and should not have been tried until well after the bridges are open to see what the traffic is like then and what can be done. I know I would be seeking a lawyer to have Somerville fully pay for and compensate them for their huge losses and it has only just begun. It will be a ghost town in Winter Hill and then they can do whatever they want. There is another meeting coming up. I am not sure when yet. I do know that if I have the health I am going to have to give it up if Joe gets back in. Myself, family and my neighbors just can’t take this anymore and what this project alone has done to ruin our lives and the lives of the small business people. Judging by the way we are treated I am positively sure that is what they want. There is no other reason for this.
    One more note, while they are playing on their computers for their so called stats and graphs I got out there and talk to people, bikers, motorists, bus passengers, and I use my eyes and ears on the roads. I am very computer literate but eyes and ears tell the story. Roll it back until the appropriate time what it can be tried properly and for once use some common sense. Broadway back to being useful or the mayor gone. Only 2 choices.

  2. I went around today asking some of the businesses like Mama Lisas and those in the black. This is hurting them. Their business has been dropping the longer this goes on. I didn’t want to write this until I talked to them so I could give an honest answer. So please go to he meeting or at least call 311 to voice your opinion. There will be some politicians there who are now also supporting this. Thank you. for the newsletter and updates

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