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GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS WEDNESDAY, October 16, the 288th day of 2019 with 77 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 6:57 and sunset is @ 6:02. The moon is waning. The morning stars are stars are Uranus and Venus. The evening stars are Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn & Uranus.
ON THIS DAY IN: 1701 – The Collegiate School was founded in Killingworth, CT. The school moved to New Haven in 1745 and changed its name to Yale College.
1793 – During the French Revolution, Queen Marie Antoinette was beheaded after being convicted of treason.
1829 – In Boston, MA, the first modern hotel in America opened. The Tremont Hotel had 170 rooms that rented for $2 a day and included four meals.
1847 – “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte was first published in London.
1859 – Abolitionist John Brown led a raid on Harper’s Ferry, VA (now located in West Virginia).
1869 – A hotel in Boston became the first in the U.S. to install indoor plumbing.
1916 – Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in New York City, NY.
1923 – Walt Disney contracted with M.J. Winkler to distribute the Alice Comedies. This event is recognized as the start of the Disney Company.
Disney movies, music and books
1928 – Marvin Pipkin received a patent for the frosted electric light bulb.
1939 – “Right To Happiness” debuted on the NBC-Blue network.
1939 – “The Man Who Came to Dinner” opened on Broadway.
1941 – The Nazis advanced to within 60 miles of Moscow. Romanians entered Odessa, USSR, and began exterminating 150,000 Jews.
1942 – The ballet “Rodeo” premiered in New York City.
1943 – Chicago’s new subway system was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony.
1944 – “The Robe,” by Lloyd Douglas, was published for the first time.
1945 – “His Honor the Barber” debuted on NBC Radio.
1955 – Mrs. Jules Lederer replaced Ruth Crowley in newspapers using the name Ann Landers.
1962 – U.S. President Kennedy was informed that there were missile bases in Cuba, beginning the Cuban missile crisis.
1964 – China detonated its first atomic bomb becoming the world’s fifth nuclear power.
1967 – NATO headquarters opened in Brussels.
1970 – Anwar Sadat was elected president of Egypt to succeed Gamal Abdel Nassar.
1973 – Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho were named winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Vietnamese official declined the award.
1978 – Poland’s Karol Josef Wojtyla was elected Pope John Paul II.
1982 – China announced that it had successfully fired a ballistic missile from a submarine.
1987 – Rescuers freed Jessica McClure from the abandoned well that she had fallen into in Midland, TX. She was trapped for 58 hours.
1989 – U.S. President George H.W. Bush signed the Gramm-Rudman budget reduction law that ordered federal programs be cut by $16.1 billion.
1990 – Comedian Steve Martin and his wife Victoria Tennant visited U.S. soldiers in Saudi Arabia.
1993 – The U.N. Security Council approved the deployment of U.S. warships to enforce a blockade on Haiti to increase pressure on the controlling military leaders.
1994 – German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was re-elected to a fourth term.
1995 – The “Million Man March” took place in Washington, DC.
1997 – Charles M. Schulz and his wife Jeannie announced that they would give $1 million toward the construction of a D-Day memorial to be placed in Virginia.
2000 – It was announced that Chevron Corp. would be buying Texaco Inc. for $35 billion. The combined company was called Chevron Texaco Corp. and became the 4th largest oil company in the world.
2002 – It was reported that North Korea had told the U.S. that it had a secret nuclear weapons program in violation of an 1994 agreement with the U.S.
2002 – The Arthur Andersen accounting firm was sentenced to five years probation and fined $500,000 for obstructing a federeal investigation of the energy company Enron.
2008 – The iTunes Music Store reached 200 billion television episodes sold.

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