I Felt Guilty For a Few Minutes For Somerville Mayor and DPW Commissioner, Then I Realized They Made Their Own Beds With No Consideration For Others

By William Tauro

This past Sunday, just one day after my daughter’s wedding, I attended a wake in Somerville. It was definitely a sad occasion especially after the day I married my daughter off. At the wake I bumped into the Somerville DPW Commissioner whom I have been writing about for the past two years. I talked to him outside of the funeral home and realized he had been sick himself with some very serious health issues. He himself has been and looked gravely sick over the past two years. He looked awful. Then soon after that only minutes after when I left the funeral home I received a call from somebody there that Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone had shown up at the funeral home as well to pay his respects to the deceased, maybe only minutes after I had left. My friend on the other end of the phone said that “He looks awful and he looks very sick and awfully skinny and looks like he’s losing his battle as well.”

With hearing that about his condition as well as the DPW Commissioner’s health condition status, I thought to myself for a moment that maybe I should’ve stopped writing about these two individuals because maybe my articles and my book may of caused their conditions making them deal with the truth of their own guilty consciences, because I have feelings too. But then I thought to myself again that their both adults and that they were wearing their big-boy pants who both caused heartache and pain and knew what they were doing to so many people in Somerville causing a lot of misery as well as in my opinion two cases resulting in death so screw them. My unwatered/unfiltered true coverage continues on these two scumbags.

They both knew what crimes that they were doing when they committed them over the past 14 years so screw them and may God forgive me for what I wrote, but its the absolute truth and may my articles prevail justice for those who have fallen victim by their unconscious greed and affected by their crimes as well as for the two deceased souls including a former US Navy Seal/firefighter candidate and slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier because of these two individual’s selfishness and uncaring greedy actions that put them in the position that led both of them to their faith.

To this day they still continue to do what they do with no remorse of what they have done to others and possibly thinking that they have a license to get away with what they do everyday.

7 thoughts on “I Felt Guilty For a Few Minutes For Somerville Mayor and DPW Commissioner, Then I Realized They Made Their Own Beds With No Consideration For Others”

  1. Keep it going throw the trash in the incinerator. Ignore these nasty ass comments, keep strong. Don’t ever change your attitude, we respect you. I wish you would run for mayor, just think if you won and see there asses burn would be be priceless. Pay back is a bitch, bites u twice in the ass!
    Don’t give up Billy, we need someone on our side. Your the best, the hell with the rest! Grazio Dio per Signore Tauro!!!!!!!

  2. This was not an appropriate time/setting to use for your backdrop for another article. Disrespectful.

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