Somerville Speakup Line: BikeLane Traveling In Somerville With No Respect

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This is totally unacceptable because it’s one thing to give up parking spaces and road space for bikelanes, but these bicyclers should respect the law and motorists as well as!

Give them an inch and they want a mile!

46 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: BikeLane Traveling In Somerville With No Respect”

  1. If these asswipes want to dodge in front of my 18 wheeler well I dont feel bad if
    I hit one of them my truck is 100,000
    Pounds that’s 50 tons and you want to dart in front of me go head I’ll win

    1. Nope, you lose. The biker is always not at fault. Even if it is the fault of the biker you will pay. Been there, done that.

  2. I agree with JJ and the bikers lock their bikes up anywhere they please, utility poles, homeowners fences and porches, city sign poles and where are the tree huggers now when the bikes are locked up around the trees. Bike “rules” do not apply! Note to the guys keep your butt crack covered don’t you feel the breeze? Disgusting!

  3. I’m a property owner, tax payer and cyclist. I’m a safe rider who follows the rules. Btw, the rules state that it’s legal in MA for bikers to pass on the right. Personally, I believe it’s not always safe to do so. I never pass when approaching an intersection. I never ride next to large vehicles. If I approach a stoplight that I think may be about to turn green I wait behind and to the right of the front car to see what that car is going to do. Please show me some of the same courtesy. My bad experiences with drivers include:

    #1 – One morning while cycling to work traveling STRAIGHT up Broadway, I was hit by a car that was traveling down Broadway who then made a LEFT-HAND TURN straight at me, throwing me and my bike into the air and flat on my back.

    #2 – Once I was riding south on Medford heading STRAIGHT when a car from a side street drove straight at me, but turned at the last second, so I hit the side of his SUV like a sack of potatoes. Mind you. I had lights. He was on a side street, with a stop sign, my view of him was blocked by a parked van, so I couldn’t see him. He didn’t edge out like a sensible driver, he tried to gun it. And then he saw me and gunned it more. I couldn’t brake in time. BICYCLE BRAKES ARE NOT AS POWERFUL AS CAR BRAKES.

    #3 – Once again I was headed STRAIGHT going down Broadway. A car that was parked on the side of the road gunned it to try to make it into traffic ahead of me. We made eye contact, so he clearly saw me. He hit me and totaled my bike. My steel-framed univega RIP.

    #4 – I wish I had a nickel for EVERY TIME A CAR PASSED ME ONLY TO MAKE A RIGHT TURN DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. If you get stuck behind a cyclist, it’ll take less than five minutes out of your day. FIVE MINUTES.

    So please be courteous and drive safe. I will try to do the same.

    1. Thanks for posting this. It is dangerous out there. You’d think the only scofflaws on the road were the cyclists.

  4. All drivers pay to register their vehicles, pay excise to the city and pay to park. Most city parking is being diminshed by pay to park. All these bike lanes are causing absurd traffic and at huge cost to the city. They are reaping the benefits and not paying into it. I dont understand how that works. When I was a kid a rode my bike in Somerville no problem without a helmet down the street. Most bikers I see cut off cars, ride down 1way streets the wrong way and complain constantly. Its crazy, atleast have people register their bikes so people can be held accountable for their actions and pay into road work that only benefits them!

    1. Have lived on the Boston side all of my life and the traffic congestion is more likely due to condos going up and out of towners moving in. Higher populations in a small amount of space. If anything, the cycling helps minimize that issue. I’ve driven for almost 20 years now and only recently switched to cycling to get around the constant traffic jams (MBTA is definitely not an option). I still pay my excise tax, insurance and parking on my car.
      As for the latter half of your comment, We also pay taxes…which ya’know pays for the “road work” or bike lane infrastructure around the place. If a cyclist does decide to weave between lanes then they’ll likely get his/hers eventually. Person vs a one ton vehicle. That ought to cover the accountability part.

      1. Thank you for being an adult and paying taxes, however, to the point of many us…You’re paying EXCISE Tax for your car, not for your bike that is benefiting from the bike lanes.

        Bikes in Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville should have a license plate, pay Excise Tax, & insurance (You know, for the guy on Cambridge St. that knocked off my mirror but waved & said sorry then drove away)

    2. It’s almost like the car drivers pay more in taxes because a 1.5 ton vehicle wears the road faster than a 165lb person. Weird concept I know. Similar note and also weird, as a cyclist I pay no state tax or federal tax. Maybe you should try it.

    3. Nonsense. I cycle and I pay taxes to the city. The city is building out infrastructure that I use, just like it has built out infrastructure for you in your car.

      And bikes aren’t making traffic worse. They are taking cars off the roads that would be sitting in front of you while you try to get through the next intersection.

      1. We have added about 8000 new cars on the road here in the last 10 years according to the excise tax bills. I would assume there is going to be more as we add more housing units, which we are.

      2. I’d wager that the majority of “new” bikers are actually folks who otherwise would have walked / bussed / subwayed, rather than driven. There’s an influx of them due to demographic changes in the city, not bike lanes. To be crass, white collar workers are more likely to be commuting to downtown Boston or universities.

      3. That’s a false statement. Bikes aren’t making traffic worse?! So downsizing a 2 lane road for cars on Broadway to a 1 lane road in order to accommodate a BIKE LANE & parking isn’t making traffic worse?! Construction for those lanes don’t halt traffic?

        Secondly, You may pay taxes but you’re not having to pay EXCISE TAXES like all of us who use the road with a vehicle.

        Use common sense please.

  5. Ohh wait you mean the nice woman who hit me going the wrong way down a one way street? Tried to speed off, then took pictures of me saying she was gonna get her boys to find me and “ fuck me up” ? Body slammed? I pushed her to the ground after she fucking bit me and wouldn’t let go.

    I have bruises on my thigh from her side view mirror, and teeth marks on my arm, but yup it’s the cyclist fault for riding the right way in a bike lane down a one way st…

    1. Gee, sounds to me like yo are great examples of the rules don’t apply to me, me, me… “she hit me first so I pushed her to the ground”? You make your mother proud.

    2. You people are worse than the motorcycles. Dodging in and out. Take a train walk or buy a car! You’re just asking to be hit!

    3. I was there and saw just about all of this. This is a bold face lie and you know it. You attacked that poor woman because she was stuck in traffic and in your way. I hope the police find you and she gets some justice.

    4. I witnessed this entire incident, from start to finish. I gave all of my information to the cops that came after you took off. I really hope I get to see you in court. You have anger issues!

      The driver never came close to hitting you with the car. But I did see you rage and pick up your bike then slam it into the the rear bumper.

      I was a bad person and kept walking after that, but when she started screaming I turned around to see you grab at her phone, throw her to the curb, and then swing a fist at her.

      Thankfully better people than I were already there to pull you off of the victim. But even still it was necessary to separate you from her multiple times. And once you knew that the cops were coming you took off to avoid your responsibility.

      I recognize you, and I have detailed notes about the incident. I will do what I can to see that you are brought to justice.

    5. One hundred percent sure that it’s your fault. You pay no taxes or registration on your bicycle. You actually have to yield to cars. Says so in something important. Either way you’re a fucking douchebag. You don’t own the road and pay zero tax to operate you physically powered bicycle. I wish you had ran into some of the people I know riding around. You wouldn’t have had such a tough guy moment with a lady.

      1. How do you know he pays no taxes? Do you pay taxes? I pay taxes and ride my bike in the city all the time. I don’t own a car. I stop at red lights, and I don’t throw my bike at anything. Why would it? I’d just damage my perfectly good bike.

        1. Oh, You pay taxes? That’s great, you’re an adult & I applaud you for it but we all do to some extent. As you mentioned, you don’t own a car, therefore NO EXCISE TAX is being paid by you, the bike rider, for the Bike Lanes that were constructed & designed nor the ongoing maintenance that is needed, Its unfair for a majority of people to pay for something that makes it more difficult for us who actually have the RIGHT to be on the road compared to someone who doesn’t contribute but gets EVERYTHING.

          1. Can you show me any reference to excise tax being used to fund the roads and bike lanes? My understanding is that roads (in MA specifically) are funded primarily by Federal Government grants, property taxes and to a smaller degree gas tax. Excise taxes go into the general fund that pays for street cleaning, plowing, and park maintenance.

      2. Taxes are paid at the point of sale sir.
        You issue with registration should be lodged with the city officials and your local rep.

        Stow it and learn about civics.

        Unlike the assailant in this news item you have a chance of steering yourself back on the correct course to being a civic minded citizen and not another asshat.

    6. I’ll hand you $1,000 to meet me face to face. Tell your side of the story to me. Then we can part ways like men. I know that will be extremely difficult for you to do, because I know you are a soulless coward of biblical proportions. I will see you out in the street, trust me. You can post anonymously all you want. You are the worst kind of punk bitch I could imagine. First you put your hands on a woman who was clearly trying to apologise for her being stuck and in the way, but you reacted like a fucking child. Picked up your tiny bicycle and slammed it into the back of the car, then took off like a coward.

      You do know that you own zero parts of the roads and cities and towns have only folded to public pressure to add bike Lanes to roads you don’t pay for. You pay no registration fees, you pay no inspection fee, you don’t need a license to operate. So what makes you think what you did was okay? I think it’s because you are actually a fucking coward that’s never been put in their place. Like I said, $1,000 to meet face to face, show me otherwise. I have a feeling like you may have been picked on in school, maybe slapped around by your father a little bit. Fuck you and your tough guy bullshit. Try to shove me and take my phone. You are probably someone who blames Trump for things and then ventures out into the world to spread unintelligent ways of acting. Fuck you.

    7. You wouldn’t get back on your bike if that was me. Your next stop would be a ride the local hospital. Drive through the area all the time and to be honest many should get hit to be taught a lesson

    8. Oh, I thought you said you guys fell to the ground and then you punched her…why did you take off when the cops were arriving?

    9. Nice job representing the cycling community.
      Face palm.

      You need an anger management class and have you wheels hung up for a month and learn how to use courtesy and consideration as a rule not a hassle.

      You Poor thinking and awful reaction has impacted a community and a business.

      -Your very lucky to be employed-

      Here’s your sign….it is your time to count your blessings.
      Next time you may not be as lucky. And heaven forbid your action does not conscript some other poor soul cycling, “contra flow”, to
      Another outcome. A far less…happy(?) out come.

      Take a break and reflect on your rage there guy.

  6. Of course he did, bike riders do what they want because THEY CAN. I see the police turn a blind eye all the time. This was Union Sq where were all the detail police? Oh yes, all huddled in the corner chatting to each other or talking on their phones. I also may add, UBER/LYFT drivers are a pain in the ass they stop and go, stop and go causing accidents and frustrate drivers around them because they have no clue where they are going.

    1. Great to ride your bike but be respectful. These idiots are all over the road asking to be hit by a car. They dodge in and out like they own the road. Go bike in the mountains

    2. It sounds like everyone is saying the same thing. People who are inconsiderate and put others at risk are not good community members and shouldn’t be on the road. We all know that can be said for bikers, drivers, and even pedestrians sometimes. We sound hateful when we just blame one group as the problem instead of actually discussing the qualities we want to see in each other and ourselves on the road. As for me, I hope to see myself and everyone I share the road with have more patience, consideration, and compassion no matter what mode of transportation they use. Villainizing others is convenient though because it allows you to absolve yourself of any responsibility for making the problem better…

      Be better.

      1. As a faulted and self-righteous hooman who drives, walks and rides…I approve this message!

    3. I have long been an advocate for bicyclist having to register their bicycles have a license on the back of their seat carrier bike license so that way if there is an accident they can’t just write off somebody is able to physically get an ID off of the bicycle and have bicycle police if they pull somebody over that does not have a bicycle plate and a license and they should have to have insurance then they get a warning and then they get a ticket and every time they get pulled over they get offenses that build up and they get the privileged to ride a bicycle can be taken away a court of law

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