Meeting on Davis Square 9/5

As posted on the Davis Square Facebook Page:

Davis Square friends and neighbors:

As Chairman of the Planning Board, I asked that Planning Staff move their presentation of the Davis Square Neighborhood Plan to the Board and the public from August 22 to September 5.

I did this for two reasons. First, the Board is still discussing and getting presentations on major projects in Union Square for the D2 block that will continue throughout August, in addition to a lot of other applications. Adding the Davis Square plan presentation to an already busy August is not ideal logistically.

Second, and more importantly, the Davis Square plan is definitely something that I hope and expect will generate a lot of discussion and engagement. I didn’t want the first meeting on this to be held at the end of August, when families are busy getting their kids back to school the next week, and also before Labor Day where lots of people might be out of town.

I hope to see you all in September – and for those of you who can’t, or don’t want to, give oral testimony, the Board also takes written testimony.

Mike Capuano

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