Somerville Overcoming Addiction Weekly Updates

By Joann Bocca- Rivieccio

On my way to a Lions Club Meeting, I received a call from a Tufts student. He and I have been talking about the request that he and other students have ask of the university. They understand how terribly wrong it is to still collect money from a source that is responsible for so many deaths. These Tufts students have asked the Administration at Tufts to take the Sackler name off the Museum. The Administration said, they will look into their request investigate and get back to them. I read between the lines by the time their done reviewing the request. The school year will be over and some of the students will be gone. NOTHING will be done, sound familiar. Sort of like the numbers are down!!!
Well let’s get back to the phone call, He asked, If I would meet with the students at the Cannon at 845 pm. So, I ventured out to meet them, I never knew anything about a cannon on the campus. Its to my understanding that students paint the cannon when they have a subject that needs to be addressed. After a few calls and using GPS, I finally made it. The cannon was already painted in RED with the words SACK SACKLERS sprayed in white. After thanking them we took a picture and I made brief comments with figures. 400,000 died from the epidemic, 200 die each day. They continued to spray the figures on the cannon >$13B on the other side. Over 13 Billion made on the lives of our children and lost love ones. We ended the event by having a group hug and left. My thoughts on the way to the car prime example of company greed at its worst . Money is the root of all evil and lives don’t matter. Very sad .

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