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Good Day Everyone …My Name is JoAnn Bocca Rivieccio

I will be writing a column here weekly . If there is a subject about addiction you are interested in knowing about please ask.. I will do my best to retrieve the info for you, if I don’t already know the answer at hand. Here is a little history to as who I am . A Mom that has been faced with over 24 years of addiction. I have a happy and sad story .
I am the mother of two sons, one in recovery and the other past away almost ten years ago this November. I will get into that indepth in the articles to come. Somerville Overcoming Addiction started in 2013 after Gov. Deval Patrick announced a “Public Health Emergency “ in Boston alone there were 631 accidental opioid overdoses from 2003 to 2012 according to Mass DPH. So we had a meeting in the community to discuss the measures we would take to work in the community together and below was our mission statement
Somerville Overcoming Addiction (SOA)
We are a Grass Roots Community Action Group that
Has come together to join the fight against the disease of
Addiction. Our group is made up of family members of
addicts, people in recovery and people working in the
field . Like most people we have been affected by
addiction one way or another. We hope you will join us.
We seek to connect the community with addiction
support and recovery services and eliminate overdose
fatalities in Somerville as well as reduce Stigma if not rid this big issue with education.

But will help anywhere needed when asked for help.
We have a facebook page under our name, our email is
and a SOA Monday Night Live show 8 to 9pm to watch if
in Somerville channel 3 , online http://www.somervillemedia,org , or under Somerville Overcoming Addiction on YOUTUBE.
Our meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Somerville Lions Club 9 New Washingtion St from 630 to 730 pm . We seek new members currently please join in the fight please ask for help if needed. The Opioid Issues were created by pharma, the Doctors and greedy people that knew what they have created. Speak out one way or another . Don’t be ashamed, embarassed . you didn’t create the problem . We all did the best we could, we are great Moms and Dads .

First call all your politicians and express the need for more services

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