Update:Fatality Hit and Run In Somerville Witnesses Needed

Photos by Bob Staffiere

By William Tauro

At or about 7:38 pm this past Friday night a person was fatally hit and killed by car at Powderhouse Boulevard at Hardan Road in Somerville.

The hit and run vehicle a Black Ford. F-150 with right front damage was seen as it fled towards Tufts University

Any witnesses to this accident should contact the Somerville Police Department at 617-625-1600.

This story is still developing…


Via the Middlesex DA’s Office:

Pedestrian Dies Following Apparent Somerville Hit and Run — Driver/Vehicle Sought

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Somerville Chief of Police David Fallon have confirmed that a pedestrian died Friday evening, Feb. 8, as the result of an apparent fatal hit and run.

At approximately 7:16 p.m. Somerville Police responded to a report of a hit and run at the intersection of Powderhouse Boulevard and Hardan Road. Two women were transported to an area hospital where one, an adult female, was pronounced dead. The second female sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

The preliminary investigation suggests that the driver was operating a dark colored late model full-size pickup truck. The truck is believed to have struck the pedestrians in a crosswalk. The vehicle is believed to have sustained front end damage to the left side.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Police.

3 thoughts on “Update:Fatality Hit and Run In Somerville Witnesses Needed”

  1. Properly reporting the timing could be helpful!!? Was it 7:38 pm or 7:16 pm?? The 20 minute difference might make a huge difference in people coming forward with useful information.

  2. The homeowners are to blame because the newbies don’t want bright lights shining into their mansions, nor do they want traffic lights or trees trimmed, or anything that might wake them up to the fact they live in an urban mess with more traffic than other cities in this region. They are more obsessed with home values and don’t understand that many newcomers don’t look before crossing the street. I find it odd they haven’t shared who the victims names.

  3. That is horrible, Somerville really needs to put yellow flashing lights on those crosswalks it is a high traffic area for both walking and driving on the street that is not very well lit possibly due to all the overhanging trees but there have been way too many vehicle versus pedestrian accidents on the street, somebody in City Hall must realize there’s a problem before it happens again

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