Somerville Speakup Line:Mayor’s Police Officer Cousin Gets Off Scott Free All Charges Dropped! How! Why!

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

How this guy gets away with all these charges is beyond me. If this was any other civilian he would already be in jail with all these charges this family getting away with very serious charges all of the time.

He probably already turning people in like rat saving his own ass by turning states evidence and putting other people in jail.

This is much to big of an injustice as well as a political maneuver for anybody to swallow.

He got caught with drugs by the Wakefield Police red handed with drugs in his possession.

He got caught red handed with a outrageous amount of counterfeit money by the Cambridge Police as well as the US Secret Service involved.

Gets suspended twice by the Somerville Police Department for using drugs and selling drugs to students.

Trying to steal a Rolex watch off of a deceased victim as well as asking the police officer at the scene to take the money out of his pockets as well claiming it belongs to him. This also with a Somerville and State Police Investigates on the case

With the Somerville PD, State PD, Cambridge PD, Wakefield PD as well as with the federal government’s United States Secret Service involved in all these cases against him, five separate agencies and this creep still gets off?

Now he gets to just sit back and collect thousands of our taxpayer’s dollars on his bogus pension getting 80% of his pay for the rest of his life on our dime.

How can a law enforcement officer get away with all these crimes and still gets off with all charges dropped?

Once again the system failed the people of Somerville for this P.O.S.



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