Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Cameron BOURQUE (Carry Dangerous Weapon, PWID B & Somerville Warrant)

On 12/27/18 around 5:45 p.m., while traveling north on Temple St, I observed Mr. Cameron Bourque standing in front of XXXX on Temple Street speaking with XXXX, a well-known individual to the Somerville Police. Knowing Mr. Bourque’s history with the Narcotics Unit and recent information obtained by Det. Cicerone regarding allegations of Mr. Bourque dealing cocaine and Xanax in Somerville, I informed the rest of the unit of my observation. Det. Cicerone communicated to me that Mr. Bourque has an active warrant in WMS. We contacted Somerville Dispatch and they confirmed the active warrant.

At that point, Mr. Bourque was seen entering the XXXX and removing a red winter jacket he had on. He placed the jacket on a chair about 3 feet away from him on top of a folder later revealing paperwork with his personal information. Detectives Cicerone, Goncalves, Costa, Sgt. Detective Capasso and I, with our badges fully displayed, entered the XXXX shop to engage Mr. Bourque. We informed him that there is active warrant for his arrest. Sgt. Detective Capasso ordered him to get up and to place his hands behind his back. As he attempted to handcuff Mr. Bourque, he observed an object with a shiny metal part in Mr. Bourque’s waistline. As he conducted a quick frisk of Mr. Bourque, Sgt. Capasso determined the object to be a knife and immediately removed it from his waistline. When he got up, Det. Cicerone went to retrieve his belonging from the other chair. Mr. Bourque immediately denied ownership of the red jacket. At that point, we knew he was being untruthful because we had just observed him wearing the same red jacket when he was outside. We asked two other individuals who were present if the jacket belonged to them and they all said no as they indicated to us that they were wearing their own jackets. After securing Mr. Bourque, we walked him outside and requested the wagon. Before putting the jacket on him, Det. Cicerone also conducted a quick pat frisk for weapon in the jacket. Det. Cicerone sensed multiple objects inside each pocket. When the mobile detention arrived, it is common practice of the Somerville Police to inventory all items from prisoners. During Mr. Bourque’s inventory, a clear glassine baggie containing a white rocky substance believed to be crack cocaine was found in the left pocket of his jacket. Also a MA ID belonging to Mr. Bourque was also recovered in one of the pockets. In my training and experience, the amount of product recovered along with the different sized cocaine rocks is consistent with drug distribution not possession. Mr. Bourque was arrested on the warrant. Due to the knife recovered on him during the arrest, I also charged him with possession of a dangerous weapon per se and possession with intent to distribute Class B.

Respectfully submitted,

Det. Guerdy Legros #280
Somerville Police Dept.

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