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“This is the first time in years that I have felt completely safe!”

Dear Friends,

“HELP! I left my abuser two years ago, but he just showed up at my home – threatening to kill me & my kids!”

Jane called the RESPOND hotline terrified.

The RESPOND counselor discussed options – giving her guidance on how to navigate the court system in order to talk to her abuser’s probation officer and file for a new restraining order.

They also made sure that Jane and her children were able to relocate safely to emergency shelter.

Jane was granted a lifetime restraining order, and there is a warrant out for the arrest of her abuser due to his violating the stay away/no contact condition of his probation.

Jane began to cry on the phone and said, “This is the first time in years that I have felt completely safe!”

The support that RESPOND was able to provide Jane empowered her to go back to court and advocate for herself both in front of the judge and with the probation officers.

You can help RESPOND make sure the hotline is always staffed and that our emergency shelter is ready to help re-locate families in high risk situations – like Jane and her children!

$750 a day is needed to run the RESPOND hotline.

Your donation keeps the hotline staffed with trained domestic violence counselors – ready to help with whatever callers need!

Stories can be similar, but no two domestic violence victims calling our hotline will have exactly the same needs.

Thanks to you, RESPOND will always answer a crisis call – any day and time!

With great appreciation,


Jessica Brayden
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. You can help! Please donate today to give survivors of domestic violence a caring domestic violence counselor answering the hotline everyday 24 hours a day!

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to RESPOND, Inc. Every dollar makes a difference for our work to end domestic violence!

$75 helps a family travel to doctor visits, court, and other important appointments.

$150 helps RESPOND provide basic necessities (a change of clothes, school supplies and medications) for a family who left everything behind when they left the violence in their home for the safety of shelter.

$500 provides training to local allies on recognizing signs of abuse.

$1,000 funds the crisis hotline for 48 hours.

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