Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jonathon DENNING (B&E MV, A&B DW, PWID D, Possess C)

The following is a brief summary of the events pertaining to this incident.

On Wednesday, 8/15/2018, I, Officer DiFava was on duty for the Somerville Police operating marked cruiser 786. At approximately 11:52am, I was dispatched to 1X Whipple street for a report of a motor vehicle break in progress. The suspect was described as a white male, wearing gray sweatpants, a white tank top and a baseball hat that was on backwards. The suspect, later identified as Jonathan Denning was armed with a knife and was attempting to flee on foot towards Davis Square on the bike path. The victim, XXXX along with his son’s XXXX and XXXX were following Denning on foot. Officer Kim also responded to provide backup. While I was in route to the call, Officer Kim observed Denning being following by XXXX outside the College Ave T station. Officer Kim radioed his location, exited his cruiser and ordered Denning to show him his hands. Transit Police Officer James Davie was also on scene and handcuffed Denning. At this time, Detective Monaco and Officer Canty arrived on scene. While handcuffed, Officer Kim asked Denning if he pulled a knife on anyone. Denning shouted that he was defending himself and that he wrapped the knife in a white towel and threw it in the barrel that was behind him. Denning stated that he had another knife in his waistband and several other knives in his backpack along with two ounces of marijuana. Officer Kim retrieved the knives from the backpack. At this time, I arrived on scene and secured the knife from Denning’s waistband. Denning was bleeding from a laceration on his hand in which he suffered while trying to close his knife. I also observed a laceration to XXXX’s left hand. Officer Kim advised control to dispatch EMS to have Denning and XXXX evaluated for their injuries. Detective Monaco retrieved the knife that was wrapped in the white towel from the barrel and placed it in an evidence box.

I spoke to XXXX who stated that he went outside to his dad’s car when he observed Denning sitting in the driver’s seat. XXXX stated that he approached the vehicle and tried to hold the door shut. XXXX started yelling for his dad and brother to call the Police. Denning was able to crawl out of the vehicle from the passenger side. XXXX was able to grab a hold of Denning by his backpack and pinned him against the vehicle causing Denning to drop several items in which he had taken from the vehicle. XXXX came running out and grabbed a hold of Denning while XXXX ran inside to call the Police. Denning broke free from XXXX and opened a knife that he was holding in his hand. Denning swung the knife towards XXXX cutting him on his left hand. XXXX stated that Denning took off towards Highland Ave. XXXX was able to follow Denning onto Highland Ave and then onto the bike path until they encountered Officer Kim.

I advised Denning that he was under arrest and would be booked after receiving treatment for his injury. Cataldo ambulance transported Denning to the Somerville hospital.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Marc DiFava # 289

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  1. As the owner of some of the knives in this individuals backpack that he stole from my vehicle earlier that day, thank you to those who helped catch him. My thoughts go out to the individual injured by him.

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