Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Oscar LOPEZ and William PIRES (Distribute D, Poss Stun Gun)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #18016606:

Within the past few months I began a drug investigation into Mr. William Pires and his role in the distribution of Marijuana.  I was informed by multiple individuals stating Mr. Pires was selling Marijuana.  During this investigation, Detectives observed multiple people making quick stops at Mr. Pires’s residence and meeting with Pires.  These stops were consistent with how street level drug transactions are sometimes conducted.  During surveillance, a black Audi bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx would pick up Mr. Pires and would drive around making stops around the city of Somerville.  The operator of this motor vehicle, identified as Mr. Oscar Lopez, would drive around with Mr. Pires and pick people up and conduct a maneuver known as a “meaningless ride.”  This “meaningless ride” occurred when the two would pick someone up and drive around the block and ultimately drop the person off.  I would note that during these days of surveillance I was able to view Mr. Lopez’s board of probation record.  Mr. Lopez currently has an open case out of the Middlesex Superior Court for Trafficking in Cocaine over 18 grams.  On February 16, 2018, Officer Canty filed a criminal complaint against Pires and charged him with possession to distribute a Class D drug where Pires was found with approximately four ounces of Marijuana.

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, I was working in the Somerville Police Drug Unit as Delta-18. At approximately 5:00 P.M., Detective Goncalves observed the black Audi bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx, driving east on Broadway from McGrath Highway towards Cross Street.  The black Audi drove to the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue where a Hispanic male was waiting.  The unknown Hispanic male got into the rear driver’s side door and the vehicle drove towards Broadway.  The vehicle drove west on Broadway where it passed me.  At this time, I could see the operator, Mr. Lopez, and passenger, Mr. Pires.  The vehicle took a right up Wisconsin Avenue where it parked on the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue once again.  At this time, all three occupants got out and went into the rear of xx Pennsylvania Avenue.  I would note Mr. Lopez retrieved a large Trader Joe’s shopping bag out of the rear driver’s side door and walked into the home with it.  After approximately fifteen minutes both Lopez and Pires exited this residence and re-entered the black Audi.  At this time, Lopez was carrying the same Trader Joe’s bag and Pires was now carrying a black bag.  Lopez put the Trader Joe’s bag in the rear driver’s side door of the vehicle as Pires placed the black bag in the rear passenger side door.  The two males got into the vehicle and the vehicle appeared to be started.

During the time the two males exited the home, Detective Goncalves asked me to run a plate which was occupied by a younger female and male operator.  This black Honda bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx was registered to a corporation out of Lynn.  Detective Goncalves observed the juvenile female to be on and off the phone multiple times.  As Pires and Lopez began to drive towards Pennsylvania Avenue the juvenile female exited the Honda with cash in her right hand and began walking towards the black Audi.  I would note that Detective Goncalves was approximately one car length away from this black Honda.  The juvenile female was on the phone as Pires was able to wave his arm out the window of the black Audi and the female got into the rear passenger side door.  The black Audi then drove approximately four houses away and pulled over to the left.  At this time I observed the juvenile female to exit the vehicle with something clenched in her right fist.  As she began walking back to the black Honda Detectives Goncalves, McNally, and I stopped the juvenile along with male operator, later identified as Mr. XXXX, for a threshold inquiry as I believed I had just witnessed a street level drug transaction in my training and experience.  Detectives Costa, and Legros, along with Sergeant Detectives Capasso, and Rego began to follow the black Audi in an attempt to stop it for a threshold inquiry as well.  While speaking with the juvenile, it was found that the item in her hand when exiting the black Audi was a napkin with a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana.  I would note that the female no longer had any cash in her possession as she did when she first exited the Honda.  The female had stated that she knew Mr. Pires from Facebook as well as Somerville High School.  I explained our findings to the other Detectives as they were able to stop the black Audi on Broadway in front of Foss Park.

Detectives asked both parties where they were coming from.  Lopez stated he was coming from a friend’s house.  Detective Costa asked Pires the same question to which he stated he was coming from Everett and had just went to the bank.  Pires was asked if he had stopped anywhere else to which he stated no.  It was explained to both parties that the juvenile female had been stopped and Marijuana was recovered from her.  Due to previous observations of both parties together making what I believe in my training and experience to be drug transactions, as well as information from numerous sources of the two selling narcotics, and the criminal history of both parties, I believe Mr. Lopez and Mr. Pires to be selling narcotics together.  The two males were arrested and transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Beckford, where they were booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DiGregorio.

During a search of the black Audi, additional Marijuana was found inside of the Trader Joe’s bag as well as black bag in which both parties were carrying from the house on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Approximately 1 pound and 3.25 ounces of a green leafy substance I believed to be Marijuana was in the rear of the vehicle.  Also inside of the vehicle was a digital scale, $1,565 in US currency, and a pink Viper Tek electric stun gun.  I believe this amount of Marijuana to be possessed for the purposes of distribution.  The monies will be seized and subject to forfeiture proceedings.  I would note that I wrote the juvenile a Municipal Ordinance violation for the possession of Marijuana and be contacting the mother of the juvenile female as well. Please see Detective McNally’s report for all items seized/recovered from this incident.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

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