Somerville Speakup Line:The Cross Examination of Captain Coverup

Dear Billy T and The Somerville Speakup Line,

I had the misfortune of sitting through Captain Dan Cotter’s testimony yesterday during Dante’s termination hearing at the Somerville Police Department. It was truly disgraceful. At this moment, I am embarrassed to have been a member of that police department for 26 years. I’m disgusted. The entire command staff should resign.

Captain Cotter should have gone to the retirement board during lunch and attempted to save his pension. A heads up Danny; you are not going to save your home in York Beach, Maine, from the men and women who are going to sue you personally in federal court.

Do your family a favor; save them the embarrassment and fall on your own sword; one thing I’m certain of is that you do not possess the courage to do that. You are not a man; nor have you ever been a cop; your father would disown you were he still alive. The members of the Board of Aldermen should march into the mayor’s office and demand that the termination hearing be ended now. The Mayor should issue a personal, written apology to Dante and his family; he should be returned to full duty, with back pay. Captain Cotter should be fired and prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office for perjury. These men are not, nor have they ever been leaders; they are a perversion of the term.

The courageous young men and women who protect the city everyday, will be far better off when the four of you are gone; you are all a disgrace to the badge I once wore. Remember this: we all leave a legacy for our children; a memory of who we were as men; I’m proud of what my father left me; I’m certain my sons will be proud of what I leave them. Your children will be ashamed to say you were their fathers.

Retired Lieutenant
Joseph E. McCain

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  1. Mary,

    If you worked at SPD, why not share your rank and full name?

    In my experience, there are two reasons for not devulging ones real name – the first involves privacy and as a precautionary measure to prevent further acts of retaliation by those who have a great deal to lose if this all goes south which many who have been harmed, can’t wait for that day to arrive.

    The second is by trolls who are employed by the guilty to harass those who are exposing the evil that has dug into our city— also affiliates, agencies, employers, who aide them in their illegal practice of blacklisting innocent, law abiding hardworking employees through no fault of their own who were wrongfully terminated, after being bullied, harassed “mobbed”, (and/or sexually harassed) for years and had their financial lives and careers destroyed.

    It’s obvious these brave souls who launch these attacks upon whistleblowers enjoy the comforts of doing so sitting on their fat ass hiding behind their computers.

    Gang Stalking is real, cases have been documented and proven but the way our legal system works, the names of guilty parties remain hidden inside court room folders— you cannot see their names in depositions which the public isn’t given that privilege by the so called freedom of the press. The cases are now considered privileged information unless you are lucky enough to read the details.

    We have seen journalists lives destroyed in the same manner as well as bloggers and ordinary citizens telling their true stories in an effort to educate the public about the degree of corruption that has polluted our community and beyond.

    Not everyone can express themselves and n the same way. A person who understands this issue can see beyond language. I don’t believe it makes a bit of difference. A famous lawyer once said,”Until it happens to them will they understand”. That’s true, only the person under attack for telling the truth understands. If they are fortunate to have compassionate independent thinking family and friends who support them through the ordeal, they will get it.

    Unless you have deep pockets or a connected hack family which I know a lot about, you are fighting a tough battle. But I’m not someone who gives up easily. I will see this through to the end as I know the rest who have been wrongly accused, maligned and beaten down will do the same.

    It’s disgraceful the city has reached such a low point. I don’t care how many new buildings they put up here— their ugly footprints are all over it and will always remain.

    The people who have been harmed will live with their battle scares and their experience will make them stronger.
    No punishment can be enough for those responsible. I do believe they will eventually be out of their jobs and disgraced for all to see. It’s only a matter of time. Their twisted egos have gone too far. It’s interesting to see how much damage they get away with and in many cases of the same profiles, they all end up self destructing. Freud must have documented this classification. I bet it’s right up their with their suffering from feelings of inadequacy-which lead to having an inferiority complex.

    “If you’re going through hell, keep going”. WC

  2. Mary,

    You’re totally missing the overall point. There are currently ongoing lawsuits against the city for a number of varied allegations of defamation and wrongful termination of good people who were doing their jobs which I am among. Not only were we forced out of a job under duress, but at least in my case, I suspect there is a blacklist to prohibit me from attaining future employment. This is after 30 years of good solid work with valid promotions based on merit, not family or political affiliations. How do you explain this?

    That’s how they get away with it— discrediting whistleblowers who refuse to go along with immoral, unethical and possible criminal activity. They play psychological games on good people, referred to as, “Gang Stalking”, which wear them down.

    Some get sick from the daily stress and are forced to take medical leave. If you were asked to lie to defame a coworker because your supervisor wanted them wrongfully terminated would you go along?

    That is one reason some get forced out. I was asked to do this and I refused. The person I supported now has a heart condition, luckily he did win his case but it took a good lawsuit and depleted their retirement funds. Do you see how complicated these situations become?

    It’s not only the employment lawsuits, it’s also others involving a student of the soccer camp incident, Wynn Casino, property owners, etc. Please try to understand the magnitude of these cases— they destroy lives of the innocent who are trying to stand up to a malicious group who will stop at nothing to continue their corrupt enterprise.

    It’s bad enough to set employees up to be terminated from employment, but criminal to then strip them of any financial support and means to survive. I hope that someone at a much higher level of justice digs into these cases to expose what is really going on here. Unless it happens to you or your family you just don’t get it. None of these people accused of wrongdoing are at fault. Can you comprehend what this really is? Please get educated. It’s much worse than those who haven’t been exposed can possible conceive.

    1. Winston, ( if that is your name)
      You do not know me & you do not know my history with the SPD or the City of Somerville, or u would not make comments about my not understanding or needing to be educated.
      It is apparent to me that you are hurting & I don’t pretend to understand your circumstances or those of Dante or anyone else that currently has grievances to settle.
      I wish you the best.
      It is precisely because I have, many years ago, been through the ordeal of speaking “ truth to power” & “being scapegoated” that I decided to post a letter.
      Personal assaults upon anyone & their families, along with juvenile, disgusting comments will never prevail, nor do they educate anyone to the plight of individuals.
      The truth never changes, that’s the beauty of it.
      I carried with me a quote of Harry Truman… “I never did give them hell. I just told the truth & they thought it was hell.”

  3. Been gone from the SPD since 2004. How disappointing to see what it has become. I have no knowledge of the Dante situation, so no comment.
    I do think it is “ below the belt” in any circumstances to bring to the table anyone’s deceased Dad, children & private life ( residence, etc)
    It is an embarassment to the City & the honorable officers who serve & who have passed.
    Presenting the facts & keeping personal insults out, is the way to present your case.
    It is also totally unfair for this “news” outlet”
    to have a Speak Out, (response) section & then arbitrarily censor, those that don’t fit your agenda.
    I have read your articles, your language, grammar & spelling are atrocious, so your response to the disappearing letter, doesn’t fly.
    Again, I’m not expressing an opinion on this case & those involved. I don’t have the facts.
    I like the Joe Friday rule, “ Just the facts.”
    Let’s keep all the other BS out of it.
    That is how you get folks to be interested & informed.

    1. To Johnny Q, I’m not hard to find Mike; Come to Thunder Road tonight at 8, I’ll buy u a beer and we can chat!

      1. Dear Mr McCain – My name is Dann Cotter and am in no way related to the gentleman you are addressing in this article. I live in Reading Ma and have lived here for 32 years. I do not nor have I ever have worked in law enforcement. I was employed for 30 years in the Music Industry working for Warner Bros Records. I am now retired and my wife and I also have a home in York Beach Maine. To my knowledge I am the only Dann Cotter in York. This article was brought to my attention today and I hope that I have not been inadvertently confused in any way with the Dan Cotter you are addressing here. I would be more than happy to speak with you directly.
        A different Dann Cotter

        1. P.S. Although I do spell my name with two n’s , my given name is Daniel and I still have people who refer to me as Dan or Danny

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