By Bob Katzen

“Look, I think the assault weapons ban in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, based on all the data that’s available, has served this commonwealth well, and I think it would be appropriate at this point for the federal government to adopt something similar.”

Gov. Baker

“It’s astonishing that even after 62 percent of the voters of Massachusetts voted to not lift the cap on charter schools, big charter corporations are still coming into our communities trying to expand their private schools against the will of the people.”

Kelly LaPierre, teacher from Lynn on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education decision not to create new charter schools.

“We believe that the lack of confidentiality has actually been a barrier to people bringing forward complaints and the House being able to act on them, so part of what we’ve tried to do with this process — and we’re going to keep an eye on whether this works or not — is getting the right balance between confidentiality and fairness for people against whom complaints are laid.”

Former Attorney General Martha Coakley, now a private attorney, who worked on the proposal changing the processes for reporting, investigating and preventing sexual harassment in the House of Representatives.

“We need to show other men that violence and aggression is not acceptable. As men, let’s educate other men and boys what it means to be a loving, caring man in our society.”

Paulo Pinto, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers and a Jane Doe board member at an event to promote the 11th Annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign which advocates against domestic violence.

“The introduction of a new aspect of the emerging gaming industry in Massachusetts presents an opportunity to bring a significant amount of gaming activity and revenues out of the shadows and into the legal market. With that transition would come the opportunity to cultivate the associated economic benefits — including tax revenues — while providing consumers of sports betting with protections not afforded them by illegal bookmakers.”

From the State Gaming Commission report on the possibility of legalizing sports betting in Massachusetts.

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