Somerville Patrons Bid Farewell to 50 Year Old Ball Square Bowling Alley

By William Tauro

Dozens of loyal patrons and members of local bowling leagues said their last goodbyes tonight to the Foster Family and their family owned Ball Square Bowling Alley during a farewell breakdown party that was held at the Sons of Italy in Somerville.

Patrons that have been going to this bowling alley for over the past fifty years got together this past Monday night to bid farewell to a place they loved since childhood.

League members also presented owner Herb “Butch” Foster with the farewell plaque that was made up of one the bowling alley’s original candlepins and bowling balls as a keepsake souvenir.

Patrons that attended the event shared some laughs, had some cries and sadly let go of a big part of their lives and fond memories of the Ball Square Bowling Alley.

The Somerville Bowling Alley that’s located in Ball Square on Broadway was highlighted in the news recently with allegations that the property was improperly taken by eminent domain.

The owner of the fifty year old family bowling alley business closed its doors this past Monday night for good after fighting the MBTA’ for an improper eminent domain taking and the court’s decision to vacate the property earlier this past year.

2 thoughts on “Somerville Patrons Bid Farewell to 50 Year Old Ball Square Bowling Alley”

  1. Certainly a nice way to end it. What is happening with the legal battle? I suppose it will be one of those long drawn out things. Didn’t see certain city officials there to console.

  2. My grandfather, Pat Duggan, was a manual pinsetter there. He was deaf, so the noise never bothered him. Just drove by a few weeks ago and hoped to have a family reunion. Too late.

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